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4 Reasons Why Speaking is One of the Best Ways to Learn a New Language

4 Reasons Why Speaking is One of the Best Ways to Learn a New Language

In high school, one of the only things I can remember my Spanish teacher telling us is, “if you really want to learn Spanish, date a hispanic person.” While I did not take his advice seriously (and subsequently forgot all of the Spanish I learned) his offhand remark was founded on the belief that speaking with native speakers is one of the best ways to learn a language.

It stands to reason that if you surround yourself with movie buffs you’ll also watch a lot of films. If your friend group likes sporting events, you’ll probably go to football games. And if your friends speak English, you will probably start to speak a little English. Like my Spanish teacher believed, interacting with native speakers gives you opportunities to practice English in real-time situations. 

Hallo–the English language-learning app–can connect you to native speakers at the click of a button. 

Here are four reasons why speaking is the one of the best ways to learn a new language and how Hallo can help you with that.

  1. When you speak, words and phrases move from your slow memory to your fast memory–or in other words, from the back of your mind to the front. All the time spent memorizing vocabulary on Duolingo won’t help you if you can’t recall it in the moment you need it. Interacting with people helps you put into practice what you’ve learned.

Suggestion: Download Hallo and sign up for an English class with one of 100s of teachers on the app. See how much you know!

  1. Speaking also helps expose what you haven’t learned! One of the fastest ways to figure out what you don’t know is by putting yourself to the test and talking to someone. What gaps are in your vocabulary and grammar?

Suggestion: Download Hallo and start a 10-minute livestream talking about your favorite activity. Afterwards write down the words you didn’t know. Look them up and practice them!

  1. Speaking with native speakers and fellow students (or the advised-upon boyfriend or girlfriend) helps you catch onto common slang, references, and English mistakes. 

Suggestion: Download Hallo and join a speaking club. Talk with other English learners about learning English or gossip about the newest K-drama.

  1. Total immersion in a culture and language isn’t always possible–but speaking to someone in that language is! Especially on the Hallo platform, you don’t have to worry about common concerns like finding a speaking partner (or an English-speaking girlfriend or boyfriend) or an English teacher–the app does it for you! (Not the girlfriend or boyfriend part though. There are other apps for that.) Speaking English has never been easier than with Hallo.

Suggestion: Start speaking today! Download the app from the Play Store or the App Store and start practicing English.

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