Hallo: Speak English anytime, anywhere

Hallo is great!



I’ve struggled with my English speaking skills since I can remember, but everything changed when I joined Hallo 3 years ago. I found a supportive community with the same goals as me and unique teachers who have guided me in this journey. I’ve subscribed to 5 live classes already!

“I want to say thank you Hallo for helping me to become an international English speaker by making an English community for us. Before Hallo, fear prevented me from speaking and having conversations with others. But now, I am able to talk with native speakers.”
“Hallo has helped me to land my dream job! 6 months back I was struggling with my interviews. Now I have 3 job offers. Not to forget the family members I have earned from Hallo.”
“Hallo is where you can find friendly, supportive and cooperating teachers and friends. The community makes it much easier for me to learn English and get to know about different cultures. Thanks to Hallo, I’m so confident when I use English now and I’m so grateful."
“Duolingo helps you learn a new language. Hallo helps you speak it.”
"Life has been so hectic with my career and parenting that I didn't have time to practice my English speaking skills. After trying more than 50 apps, I found one that fit my busy schedule. With Hallo working 24/7, I can always find amazing live classes that catch my interest."
"Hallo is the best English learning platform I've ever seen. I learned how to communicate with people, how to act properly with newcomers, and how to be respectful to all. We can practice anytime with teachers and students.”
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