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Group lessons

Learn and practice English with topics you are interested in with a native teacher and a small group of classmates. Group lessons are fun, affordable, and interactive English-speaking classes!

Topics vary from grammar basics to interesting topics such as entrepreneurship and engineering. Choose your favorite topic and learn English for your career field! 

From each group lesson, students can expect to have a 1-hour long lesson with a teacher, a group session with classmates, learning materials, and a recording of the lesson. 

You can book lessons from the Explore page or any teacher’s profile. From the Explore page, you can use filters to find the right classes easily based on your level, interest, and schedule. 

If you want to explore the list of Hallo teachers, go to the Explore page 🔎 and tap on the 1-on-1 tab (top right corner). You’ll see a list of teachers with their bios and ratings. Select a teacher and tap “Book” on the bottom right, then select the lessons that best suit you.

The information about the lesson will be displayed in your profile’s schedule once successfully booked. A green “Join Now” button will appear on your schedule page when it’s time for your lesson.

When you buy a plan for group lessons, you decide how many lessons you’d like to take per week. Based on your plan, you are given a particular number of Classes that you can use each week.

For example, if you choose 3 times a week, you are given 3 Classes each week, and you can use them to sign up for 3 group lessons each week.

Good news is that once you sign up for group lessons, they automatically recur each week so you don’t have to find new group lessons each week. 

Your weekly plan Classes must be used each week. If you don’t use them, they will expire at the end of the week. Your weekly plan Classes are refreshed the following week, and we can’t rollover them if they expire. 

We designed our plans this way to encourage consistent practice as we believe that the best way to improve your English is to practice on a regular basis. However, we understand you may miss your lessons because of busy schedules, so we designed our prices as affordable as possible for you. Even if you miss a few days, it still is a great value to purchase a subscription and practice regularly. 

1. Be on time: Don’t be late! Make sure you join the lesson as soon as it starts from the schedules page. 

2. Enjoy the lesson: It’s game time! We encourage you to be brave and speak as much as you can with the teacher! The more you speak, the better.

3. Participate in the group session: Right after the lesson with your teacher, there’s a group session where you can apply what you learned and practice speaking with your classmates. 

4. Ask for feedback: Ask questions and ask for feedback from the teacher to customize your learning experience.

5. Book lessons again: Consistency is key to your success in fluency. Booking with a teacher again is one of the greatest compliments you can give them.

You can join your lessons from your schedules page on mobile and web. Ten minutes before a lesson starts, the “Join” button will turn green, and you can click on the button to join. We recommend you check your camera, microphone, and internet speed in advance so you can spend all of your time learning and practicing with your teacher.

Yes. You can find your recorded lessons on your profile page on both mobile and web. We encourage you to rewatch your lessons to improve even faster.

If your teacher doesn’t show up within 5 minutes of the start time, you will get a full refund for the lesson. 

Go to your schedule and long-press the lesson you want to cancel. When you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you get a 100% refund.

Your refund (Class) will show immediately after you cancel the lesson in the received section of your transactions.

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