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Hallo Student Spotlight: Alae | Life in Morocco

Meet Alae

Alae is a 23-year-old comedian from Marrakesh, Morocco. His English learning journey started five years ago and has led him to be an English teacher. Alae is always seeking to improve his language skills and is loving the opportunities that Hallo provides.

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Life in the City

The historic city of Marrakech, Morocco—located in Northern Africa—is nearly 1,000 years old. But age doesn’t slow it down. Marrakesh, like the rest of the country, is buzzing with life.

In recent years, tourism levels in Morocco have reached phenomenal heights. King Mohammed VI aims to bring in twenty million tourists per year, and nearly 10% of those travelers visit Marrakech!

Travelers are welcomed to a full array of sites and scenes, including monumental mosques, luxurious gardens, noble palaces, and the world-famous Jemaa el-Fnaa (the city market square).

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In addition to the high number of tourists, Marrakech is home to nearly one million people. These citizens (known as Mar’rakshis) enjoy the perks of modern life, like a growing economy and increasing learning opportunities.

Learning English

Alae’s joy for speaking English began in high school. Recognizing the many benefits of learning the language, he began studying at one of the eleven universities located in Marrakech.

After studying English for three years and completing his certifications last year, an exciting door opened for Alae—the chance to teach English professionally.

“English is one of the important languages in the world that we have to learn. I think the whole world should speak English. Wherever you go now you will find people [who] are speaking English; it’s a universal language.”

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Passions and Interests

Alae is an extrovert and interactive guy! Making people laugh is the daily, hourly, possibly minutely goal. When he’s not teaching English, he acts as a stand-up comedian or a creator of funny YouTube videos. He also enjoys showing off his music jazziness as a DJ.

“Humor for me [is] an important part of my daily life. I’m simply a funny guy who loves to make people laugh, telling jokes and performing  humorous stories are my favourite . . . I don’t like to be serious all the time, even when I’m teaching. Sometimes I tell my students some funny jokes to chill them out.”

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The Impact of Hallo

Alae loves Hallo because it allows him to connect with people throughout the world. He is aware that learning a language is more than just grammar rules and structure—it’s communication and connection.

“Hallo enables us to speak with other people around the world . . . Before, [when] we tried to learn English . . . we would talk with someone from [our own] culture. [But] I think it’s a good idea when you’re talking with . . . people from other countries.”

Alae’s hard work and dedication have helped him succeed in learning English. He is an example to all Halloers for keeping his mind set while still finding joy in the journey.

We can all be pleased with Alae’s daily progression and encourage new students to practice with him. Look forward to a fun time when you stream with Alae!

Keep up the hard work Alae!

You can also follow him on his YouTube channel @Alae Touil.

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