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Blast from the Past

Amelie can attest to the benefits of participating in a mass virtual crowd. Especially during a time of uncertainty and social distancing, Amelie exemplifies impactful online teaching. 

A little background on Amelie: as you hop on to her live streams, you will quickly notice her catchy southern accent. She was raised in and recently moved back to the state of Tennessee in the U.S. with her husband and two daughters.

She is a lover of music with a particular interest in indie and alternative rock. Also, If you were to walk into her dream house, you would be surrounded by mid-century (1950s-60s) atomic decor, which is basically a vibrant interior blend of Whoville and Hairspray the musical. It’s amazing! Along with that, you might watch classic TV sitcoms like The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Addams Family.

English Teacher Hallo Amelie

Her family and students provide opportunities for Amelie to live a life of healthy fun, cherished love, and continual service. Due to her daughter having autism, Amelie is passionate about advocating for special needs, and she finds many other ways to serve.

Tasting Culture

Amelie is a highly fitting resident of the Volunteer State (nickname for Tennessee). She currently works for various schools as an online ESL teacher and an exchange student coordinator. These positions can be largely attributed to experiences in her youth. 

Amelie learned to appreciate Asian cultures at a young age. Regarding exchange students, Amelie recounts, “My mother studied Japanese language and culture, and our family hosted a Japanese exchange student when I was in high school.” 

This event cultivated her interest in foreign customs, languages, music, food, and traditions. While in high school, she worked at a family-owned Egyptian restaurant and was touched by the family’s generosity and expression of their heritage. 

Following high school, Amelie worked as a technical director for a home shopping network for sixteen years. Eventually, her husband’s job relocated them to Ohio where she finished her graduate degree.

Expert at Online Teaching

Amelie’s love for teaching English as a second or foreign language developed when she began working for Berlitz International School of Languages

“The process of teaching English seemed natural to me, because my own daughter has speech and language delays due to severe autism. Over the years, I had developed my own methods for teaching her phonics and pronunciation, and clapping out syllables so that she could hear the rhythm of words and intonation.”

What a sign of genuine service! Along with caring for her daughter, Amelie has found ways throughout her life to enable others by utilizing her skills. 

Following Berlitz, she was hired by one of the leading online English learning companies in China. Her teaching subjects also included science and social studies, and she once served as principal of an international online school. 

“I took a course at Harvard last year for Educational Leadership,” Amelie says, “and [I] currently work teaching students one-on-one, [in] small groups, and [in] full classrooms.”

No doubt, her diverse education and invaluable teaching experience would be a great contribution to Hallo. After seeing a Hallo teacher post about the company on her LinkedIn page, she began investigating. 

English Teacher Hallo Amelie

Hallo: a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

Amelie describes her first impression: “I thought it sounded interesting, so I inquired about it and found it admirable that Hallo offers the opportunity to learn English from native speakers to everyone for free.”

It didn’t take long for her to realize that “the students [on Hallo] are amazing and brilliant.” Everyone is united in pushing themselves to learn more.

Amelie wants her students to know how much she appreciates them sharing their cultures with her. From the comfort of her kitchen, she can travel the world and learn from the best sources!

Her advice to students trying to advance their English speaking skills is to focus on “correct pronunciation, phonics, and intonation,” and remember that student and teacher live streams on Hallo are a great way to learn more.

Like Amelie, Hallo teachers feel the sweet pleasure of helping students around the world who lack resources to learn English the best way—through native speakers. With unpredictable changes in global economic and social circumstances, Hallo does not stop facilitating individual growth and mutual connections. 

Some other fun facts about Amelie:


  1. What is something she always wants to buy when grocery shopping but can’t justify buying it?
    1. Organic, gluten-free, and vegan foods. The signs and labels are persuasive and enticing, but the steep prices to Amelie are just not worth paying.
  2. Which TV show would she watch on a rainy day?
    1. Some of our all-time favorites, Amelie would watch The Office or Parks and Recreation. These are classics for sunshine or rain time! (But it’s easier to justify binge-watching during a downpour).
  3. Would she rather spend five days exploring Disney or New York City? And what would she see first?
    1. New York wins the battle! Amelie would spend all her bucks watching musicals. BUT, an exotic and cultural tourist destination like Bali is Amelie’s real winner.
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