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Hallo Teacher Spotlight: July | A Walking Novel

A Walking Novel

July expresses heartfelt gratitude to Hallo for helping a professional dream come true. Nicknamed as the “independent dependent” child (continue reading), she has tasted many cultures, so her livestreams are worth watching!

Living the American Dream

Correct, if you’ve been practicing your English, you might have pronounced her name “Joo·lai”, like the month of freedom and fireworks celebrated in America. But while your English is up-to-par, her name is actually pronounced, “Joo·lee.” 

Fun story, this lively and knowledgeable teacher was born on the Fourth of July. Combining her grandfather’s love of America with her mother’s obsession of Julie Andrews, she was given the unique name, “July,” and the nickname, “independent dependent.”

Born to See the World

July didn’t have the typical childhood making lemonade stands and buying bubble gum from the local convenience store. Instead, she grew up in the Philippines and Singapore learning about new customs and Japanese cars.

Though she never learned Mandarin, July took Spanish classes in high school. The phrases she learned would come in handy, later in life, when finding herself in Northern Italy and Austria needing to order food from the non-English menus. 

Needless to say, July has quite the knack for linguistics. (So learn from her!)

So what other countries has she visited? Oh, just a few. Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and more! July loves seeing the world. She soaks up culture like a sponge and finds new ways to squeeze it back out so others can learn too.

Tasting All Kinds of Culture

Not only is her cultural knowledge diverse, July has a well-developed technical mind. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Brigham Young University (BYU), and since then has worked in various engineering and technological firms (including eBay). July has always enjoyed working with critical-thinking engineers who are trained to “think and solve problems.” 

July is currently working for a school district helping develop its Chinese immersion program. Her goal of learning Mandarin is still on the horizon, and she is obsessed with Southeast Asian food. (Favorites include Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Roti Prata, and Briyani. Look them up—they’re pretty unique).

July is married with four children and three grandchildren. When she’s not spending time with these favorite humans of hers, you can find her reading historical fiction or autobiographies. 

“I think personal experiences teach us the most in life,” says July, and these “personal experiences” can come from anyone.

Connecting with Hallo

So how did she find the app we all love? July’s son-in-law attended college with the famous, awesome, wish-I-were-him co-founder Joon. Once her daughter learned about Hallo, she told July, “Mom, you love talking with people all around the world. You should teach on Hallo.” 

And the rest is history. July has cherished and appreciated her experiences with this creative language learning resource. Take a look at her previous livestreams and you’ll find she loves talking to her students about history and geographical wonders. Her global past has allowed her to easily relate to students all over the world.

Learn to Make the Most of It

Anyone truly wanting to master English skills should not underestimate the power of reading. July encourages her students to take advantage of any English reading material. They should read, speak, practice, and perfect! And, of course, enjoy the words along the way.

“I love when subscribers send photos in the subscriber chat. It brings me a lot of joy,” says July.

Seeing what her friends are doing overseas is an incredible phenomena, and she would not have this unique reality without Hallo. 

July is appreciative of all the teachers on Hallo, which “attracts quality people.” Streamers and users together are building a diverse, unified community of English learning. It is a service to all. July has seen that every person’s journey is different, but progression is constant.

Here are some other fun facts about July:

  1. What are her favorite books?
    1. She loves Holes, by Louis Sachar, and Katherine, by Anya Seton. Give ‘em a read!
  2. What is one of your obsessions that most people wouldn’t understand?
    1. July is enthralled by seahorses! It started when she inherited her mother’s shell collection as a child. (Did you know seahorses swim in pairs with linked tails?)
  3. Which animal best represents your personality?
    1. According to the Chinese calendar, July’s spirit animal is the rabbit—soft, cuddly, approachable, and tender. Sounds like our teacher July!
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