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Hallo Student Spotlight: Nur | Winning the Battle

We want to congratulate another awesome Halloer for her hard work and efforts. Thanks, Nur, for being a part of the Hallo family!

Meet Nur

Nur was born on a small island near Surabaya, Indonesia. Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia and is known as, “The City of Heroes,” commemorating the Battle of Surabaya, which galvanized domestic and international support for the country’s independence during the Indonesian National Revolution. 

Nur’s family moved to the city when she was young because of her father’s job. She has come to love this city where she lives, studies, and works.


A Day in the Life

Her typical day consists of labor and learning. She works in the office of a shipping company keeping export documentation. Her job offers her the chance to broaden her global understanding as well as to use her English. 

“I need to learn English well to communicate with shippers, buyers, agents, and shipping liners.” 

When asked about the details of her work, she responds enthusiastically, “Everyday I create shipping documents for exports, completely in English . . . I’m lucky to work in shipping because I learn new things like export procedures, customs, commodities and bills of lading. Exports are generally done by sea or air depending on the request from the buyer, and my company ships by sea freight. If by sea, we need many days (at least one month) to send the cargo.” 

Although the environment can be stressful, requiring her to stay on top of things quickly, Nur exclaims, “I really enjoy every moment!”

After working in the morning, she heads to class in the afternoon. Nur is currently studying accounting which fits well with her organizational skills and desire to continually learn. All her hard work will surely pay off when she graduates next year.

Nur definitely has a loaded plate. She typically comes home around 10 p.m. after a busy and rewarding day. Sometimes she wishes she didn’t have to work so she could focus more on her studies. However, being self-reliant and paying for her education is a help to her family. 


The Battle to Learn English

Nur has come to love the English language. She reads, speaks and writes impressively well! But it wasn’t always easy for her. 

She was introduced to English in high school, and was not too quick to embrace the language. Actually, she despised learning English at school. It wasn’t fun or engaging; the long lectures often made her bored. 

Since the classroom was unsuccessful, Nur decided to learn English online. 

“I watched movies in English (I especially love horror films) and some English videos on YouTube and listened to the lyrics of songs in English. I joined some English groups on Facebook and downloaded some apps to learn English… but totally I didn’t get it…and I even had to pay to join the class.”

After trying several different approaches, her turning point came when she found Hallo.

A Game Changer

“I saw someone post about the Hallo app and I downloaded it. I remember almost one year ago I joined Hallo as a beginner and I didn’t find a teacher so I met only with other users. I added Ben, Davin and Tessa on my Facebook as friends to get more information about the app. They are really great! Hallo is the most awesome app I’ve ever had, the best way to learn English for FREE.”

As explained, Nur has come a long way over the last year because of Hallo. 

“Now, I can practice my speaking even though my grammar is bad. But I really appreciate how the Hallo team made this app more amazing than before. Now I can go live streaming (because my level is above 20), hop on, post a pic or video on my story and buy coins to support teachers and students. From Hallo I have a lot of teachers, friends, stories, and experiences from people all over the world. My English is better because of the Hallo app. I am very thankful that Hallo helps everyone to learn English. How amazing it is! Never stop dreaming, trying and learning!”

We thank Nur for her inspiring words, positive attitude, and winning spirit!

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