Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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How to be successful

  1. Set your schedule and stick to it. Our students love teachers who have consistent schedules and teach multiple times every week.
  2. Regularly remind students to book private lessons and take a course with you and why it will improve their English and give them greater opportunities.
  3. Provide course students with the opportunity to hop on on your livestreams and offer private lessons for additional help.
  4. Create lesson plans, give constructive feedback, and provide as much value as you can. At the end of the day, students are using Hallo to learn from you.
  5. Improve your teaching skills by continuing your education, by watching other teachers’ classes, and by asking your students for regular feedback.
  6. Interact genuinely with students on livestreams and in chats on the app and politely invite them to join your courses and/or privateclasses.

Finally, know that you can be successful by teaching on Hallo! If you genuinely enjoy teaching and helping people learn English, you are at the right place. Just like anything else, it will take time and effort to be successful, but it will be worth it. At Hallo, we are here to help ambitious teachers succeed by providing the tools that they need and creating the place for students to come and learn English.

Some of the following techniques can be helpful for improving your lesson quality:

  1. Allowing students to talk as much as possible.
  2. Teaching students based on their needs and levels.
  3. Engaging students with positivity.
  4. Providing constructive feedback each class.
  5. Explaining clearly and repeating concepts and questions.
  6. Asking students to use full sentences.
  7. Preparing and planning for classes in advance.
  8. Managing time and speed wisely during class.
  9. Bring energy to class.
  10. Having and sharing clear lesson objectives.
  11. Encouraging students to get over the fear of speaking.

Teachers are the face of Hallo, and we are dedicated to helping them and providing tools they need to be successful on Hallo. The quality of lessons is directly related to our teachers’ success, so we recommend that teachers follow best practices and present their lessons in the best way they can. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Take training courses and get certified through organizations such as TESOL and Bridge. Hallo teachers get a 50% discount for all Bridge courses.
  2. Join other successful teachers’ lessons on Hallo and learn from them.
  3. Use the web app and share your screen to go over a curriculum or material.
  4. Plan for the lesson and practice beforehand. Planning and practicing make a big difference.
  5. Help students apply what they learn by speaking and practicing.
  6. Ask students questions and have them participate and engage throughout the lesson.
  7. Correct mistakes with kindness and insist on full sentences every time.
  8. Use your time wisely. Provide a lesson for 20 min and spend 40 min letting students speak and apply.
  9. Provide constructive feedback and summarize the lesson at the end.
  10. Rewatch recorded classes and study what you can do to teach better and improve.
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