Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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How to make money

Teachers set their price but must charge at least $7.25 for each 30 minute lesson.

Earnings vary depending on the number of dreamer/aspiring students in the class. Dreamer students have more opportunities to hop-on, talk and interact. A single dreamer student is equivalent to 8 aspiring students. Classes cap out at 5 dreamer students or the equivalent mix of dreamers and aspirers.

  • Dreamer student: $7.50/hr per student
  • Aspiring student: $1.50/hr per student

Example: 3 dreamer students and 7 aspiring students register = $32.75/hr

After teachers complete their private lesson(s) or course class(es) they’ll see the payment in their Hallo wallet. Once there is $100+ in the Hallo wallet the teacher can request to cash out. Cashing out requests are processed weekly on Fridays.

Hallo teachers can make money as soon as they start, but all good things take time. Hallo students choose their teachers, so be sure to attend teacher trainings and get involved to have your best chance at success.

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