Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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How to teach

You get to choose! We recommend setting your schedule 2 weeks in advance. Students often book back-to-back lessons, so try opening multiple classes a day. Ask your students if they would like to continue learning 1 on 1 or if they’d be interested in a course with you and new friends! It’s really helpful to know your schedule so you can give suggestions of when to sign up. Always direct them to your profile where they can find your schedule.

Focus on your students’ needs, understand their goals, and help them make progress towards achieving their dreams. Students often book more classes with you when you’re teaching them what they want. Don’t be afraid to assign homework, unless they tell you otherwise.

We have provided some options for teachers to use at hallo.tv/curriculum. Many of our teachers create their own materials and some use a mix. On Hallo, you have the freedom to choose!

This is an opportunity to show students who you are! You can highlight your schedule, courses and private lessons. Currently teachers do not earn directly from the live streams but they have great potential to gain a following and a strong student base.

Live streaming: Teachers can start their lessons either on the home page via their computer or mobile device. 

Private lessons: Teachers create their private lessons on their schedules.

Courses: Teachers are required to teach courses on their computer. They can start their classes on the homepage of the web app.

Most of our students are 18-30 years old English learners from around the world that are wanting to study abroad or get a better job. Some of our top countries are Indonesia, India, Turkey, Egypt, and Brazil.

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