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Where can I get help?

Need help or have questions? You should be connected to our teacher resources and team members to help you along your Hallo journey.  Available resources: Teacher training center: click here Teacher Facebook group: click here Report to the dev team with this form Email: teacher@hallo.tv

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Classroom management

When students sign up for your classes they will most likely want to hop on and talk. You may need to remind them to send a request or you can invite them to hop on. Here is are some examples of managing your class and how to use Hallo tools.

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Prepare your class

Teachers that come prepared and bring value to their classes are the most successful. Hallo has some curriculum available to you, but it’s so easy and fun to create your own! Watch these videos below to see how you can prepare a lesson and create a presentation. (Find Hallo curriculum here)

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Go live

It’s time to make yourself known on Hallo! Watch the video below to see how to start your own live stream. This is the best way to get to know students and build a rapport in the community. You might get requests from the students, asking to hop on and talk with you. Students pay […]

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Make a thumbnail

For live classes and live streams you will need a thumbnail (an image that will represent your class). Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create a stellar thumbnail. You can check out some of our other teachers’ fun images! Take a minute and create your own because you’ll need it […]

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Join a livestream

Now that you’re an expert at navigating Hallo, go to your home page and choose a teacher’s livestream to join. Teachers are welcoming and enjoy the support. Listen to the lesson for a few minutes and make comments. Along with your comments, be sure to tell them that you’re new and happy to be here. […]

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Set up your profile

Teacher profiles include an introductory video, bio, schedule, stats (likes, followers and class ratings) and recorded live classes. Update your bio with exciting information about you and what you have to offer as well as create an introductory video. Remember that students are looking for a teacher that fits their style, so be sure to […]

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Get started

The Hallo app has so many features, so make sure you explore on the mobile app and on the web. Watch the video below to see what Hallo has to offer. Try to do the following things on your own: Find your profile and see how many followers you have Start a chat with one […]

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How do I apply?

Great job! Now you know what teaching on Hallo is all about. If you think it’s a good fit then complete step 2 and apply here: https://www.hallo.tv/application/ Download the app and setup a student account, then proceed to step 3.

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Why choose Hallo?

Hallo is very unique from any other ESL platform out there. Teachers create their own classes and teach on topics they are passionate about and/or by request from their students. Hallo does provide a limited amount of curriculum for teachers, if they would like to use it. Teachers have opportunities to engage students in real […]

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