Hallo: Speak English anytime, anywhere

What classes are offered?


Lesson Attachments

Hallo offers 2 different types of classes 

  • Live classes: These classes are open to the public to watch but only those students that sign up will enjoy a live chat and video chat with the teacher and other students for an entire hour. There can be up to 35 students signed up for live classes, with a limited number of 6 students on video at a time. Whenever students sign up for live classes, they are added to a group chat so the teacher and students can communicate with each other. The Hallo base rate is: $10.
  • 1-on-1 classes: These are private lessons with 1 student for a minimum of 30 minutes. Students can schedule these as often as they want– multipleStudents have the ability to request 1-on-1 classes as soon as minutes before class starts. The Hallo base rate is: $7.25
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