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Lesson Attachments

Hallo offers 2 different types of scheduled classes and an opportunity for an instant class call.

  • Live classes: These classes can be private or public and can meet 2x’s a week or just once a week. Students that sign up will enjoy a live chat and video chat with the teacher and other students for an entire hour for the next 4 weeks. There can be up to 35 students signed up, with a limited number of 10 students on video at a time. Whenever students sign up for live classes, they are added to a group chat so the teacher and students can communicate with each other.

    The Hallo base rate, per student, for twice a week (8 classes) is: $2 per class or $16 for 4 weeks
    The Hallo base rate, per student, for once a week (4 classes) is: $2 per class or $8 for 4 weeks
    (We recommend starting at these rates and increasing with time)

  • Teachers have the potential to earn a base rate of $10 per class + all subscriptions, for 1 twice a week Live Class. Reasonable requirements must be met to earn this extra incentive.

  • 1-on-1 classes: These are private classes with 1 student for a minimum of 30 minutes. Students can schedule these as frequently as your schedule permits. Students have the ability to request 1-on-1 classes. Teachers do have a chat with the student so they can coordinate a topic of interest.

    The Hallo base rate is: $7.25 per 30 minutes
    (please start at a reasonable rate and build reviews before increasing substantially)

  • InstaClass: Teachers have the option to “turn on/off” this feature but by default it is on. When a teacher is notified for a requested private call a teacher has the option to accept or decline.

    The set rate is: $4.99 for 20 minutes. Any additional time and the student is charged $0.25 per minute. Teachers are not obligated to continue but are welcome if time permits.

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