Hallo: Speak English anytime, anywhere

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What is Hallo?


Lesson Attachments

-Hallo primarily teaches adults but HalloKids has just been launched in April 2022! (more details to come)
-Hallo prefers to hire native English speakers but is open to multilingual, non-native speakers with high proficiency and fluency in the English language.

-The 4 requirements include:
1. Native to Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa and the U.S. (preferred),
2. ESL teaching experience (preferred),
3. Access to a U.S. bank account or PayPal (must)
4. Desktop or laptop with a reliable and fast Internet connection of ≥ 25 Mb/s. (must)

-Hallo teachers bring their own lessons and materials with a lot of flexibility.
-Hallo provides all the tools teachers need to get started with screen sharing, chats, scheduling and payment.
-Teachers can schedule Group Live classes and 1-on-1s

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