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How to Use Hallo


InstaMatch allows you to speak English in real-time with other students. At the click of a button, you will get matched with a student from anywhere in the world who wants to practice English as much as you do!

Tip: Talk about their life, country, job, or ask fun questions like “What would you name your yacht if you had one?”. Have fun meeting new people!

You can see a list of students you’ve spoken with on InstaLog. Simply navigate to your InstaMatch page and tap on the icon next to the “Find Partner” button. You can stay in touch and reach out to them to continue practicing.

If you had a bad experience with a particular student on InstaMatch, please leave a 1-star review and report the student as soon as you finish the call. Hallo does not allow disrespectful behavior, and we do our best to keep our platform safe for every student and teacher. Our Hallo admins check the reports every day and will take appropriate action as soon as possible.


Student livestreams are a great way to practice with friends in groups together whenever you want— Yes, whenever you want. You can practice speaking with friends anytime, anywhere with one click.

Go to your home page and tap on “Go Live” on the bottom right. You will be asked to:

-Add a title (let others know the topic you want to talk about)
-Decide if you want the comment section to be public or your followers only
-Set a category
-Choose a stream type (audio or video).

Have fun meeting students and practicing your English!

To “hop on” is an informal way of saying to jump onto something or join something quickly. On Hallo, you will hear the phrase “do you want to hop on?” very often, which means that the streamer (another student or teacher) is inviting you or someone else to join the stream with your video or audio.

Invite people to your stream by tapping their comment once, and then touch add. You can invite up to 2 students, or 6 if you have Hallo Plus.

Hallo is always trying to keep the platform safe and enjoyable for everyone and to make that happen, we need help from our community members. If you see inappropriate comments on your streams or other students’ streams, you can long-press a student’s comment to block that student. Once a student is blocked, you can no longer see and interact with each other. In addition, if you would like Hallo to review the student’s activities, you can go to their profile page to report the student. We review reports every day and suspend or permanently ban users that violate our code of conduct.

If you see a spammer (someone who is commenting large numbers of messages that are usually unrelated to the topic), please report it by long-pressing their comment, and a team member will look into their account as soon as possible. We ask you not to interact with them and ignore them until we can take care of it. In addition, you can block the student so they don’t interrupt your learning.

Students can go to other users’ profile pages and click on the setting icon at the top right corner to find the option to report or block them.

We review reports every day and suspend or permanently ban users that violate our code of conduct.

To unblock a student, please go to your Settings > tap on Help > Blocked users > tap on the user you want to unblock, and the option will be displayed.

You can give or receive reviews after practicing with other students on InstaMatch and Livestreams. In addition, you can review your experience after a teacher’s 1-on-1 or live class. Please make sure to be unbiased when providing your reviews.

Hallo uses a Bayesian Average to determine a student’s rating. It is a weighted average that is often used on sites where individual people receive ratings from others. When there are only a few data points, the Bayesian Average discounts the basic average, relative to the average of all the students on Hallo.

As the student receives more ratings, there is more confidence that the student’s basic average is accurate. Over time, as the student earns ratings, the Bayesian Average converges with the student’s basic average.

Each Hallo student has a “star” rating from 0 to 5 stars based on student feedback. If the student does not leave a rating for the lesson, the rating for the lesson will be 5 stars by default.

You can tip students by tapping on the cash icon ($) on the bottom right. If you don’t have enough cash, the option to purchase more cash will be displayed.

You will get 70% of what other students tip you, and the other 30% goes to support Hallo.

AI Speaking Test

Hallo’s AI Speaking test is a proficiency test that will tell you at what level of English you should be learning. Its goal is to help you find other partners at your level, join classes that fit your needs, and watch your improvement over time.

You can take the test once a week (or as many times as you’d like if you have Hallo Plus), so be sure to log back in and see your progress. The test is about 16 questions with a mixture of grammar and speaking questions. As you answer the questions, the test will gradually get more difficult until it determines your level. The AI uses an algorithm to assess your accent in the speaking portions, so make sure you are in a quiet space when you take the test for maximum accuracy.

The AI test is very new and we are working on improving it every day! The scores are getting more and more accurate, but we are still working out the bugs, so don’t be too disappointed if you feel the score doesn’t match your true level. The score is based on CEFR and IELTS, and the questions are very well matched to those levels. The more you take the test, the more accurate your score will be!

Referral Program

Every time you refer a friend to Hallo, the moment they buy $20 Hallo Cash or more, they’ll get an additional $20, and you’ll also get $20 as a reward! Invite as many friends as you can and learn with Hallo teachers for free.

You can refer a friend by sending them an invitation link. Please go to your Profile > Settings > Give $20, Get $20 > tap on the “Invite Now” button at the bottom of the page and share with your friends!

If your friend doesn’t use your link, neither of you will get the extra $20. Make sure that your friend uses the link you sent them!

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