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One-time Group Classes

Before Booking

For those students that want to have a private lesson with select friends and a specific teacher, One-time group classes will be a blast!

This one-time class last for an hour with a maximum of 5 students and a minimum of 2 students.

The minimum rate for group lessons is  $10 per student.

Students can expect to have an organized and prepared lesson with the teacher with a live chat option available.

Once students schedule a one-time group class there will be a group chat where the teacher and students can coordinate. 

We recommend you try a mix of teachers so you can broaden your communication skills in a natural way.  Of course find teachers you can connect with and feel drawn to. 

Pay attention to:

  • Schedules
  • Ratings:
  • Teaching styles
  • Expertises 
  • Professionalism
  • Friendliness 

We have a growing and robust community of certified native ESL teachers here on Hallo.

Click here to book now and become fluent in English!

Students can invite friends to join their group class using our new referal program. (more infromation coming soon.)

Students can go to this teacher list to filter teachers by criteria based on their needs and find the right teachers for them quickly. 

If a student books a private lesson with a teacher on the teacher’s profile, the teacher’s info will show up for the private lesson on the schedules page. When it’s time for your lesson, a button called “Join Now” will show up on the schedules page that will take you to the lesson when you click on it. Also, if a student booked two lessons back to back, they get automatically combined into one lesson so the student and teacher don’t need to leave the first lesson for the second lesson. 

All private lesson schedules are based on your time zone, and Hallo sends you a push notification 30 minutes in advance just in case you forget. We recommend that students check their schedules frequently so they don’t miss their lessons or aren’t late. Enjoy!

If you are late for your lesson, it’s okay as long as you join the lesson before it ends. If you didn’t show up first 15 minute of your lesson, you don’t get a refund. We recommend that students keep track of their schedule and join on time.

Students can cancel 24 hours in advance and get a 100% refund and cancel within 24 hours and get a 50% refund. When students get a refund, it will show in the transaction history immediately. Both students and teachers can’t cancel lessons within 1 hour before their lessons.

After Booking

1. Choose a topic: Send a message in advance and let the teacher know how you want to spend the time during the class. 

2. Be on time: Don’t be late! Make sure you join the lesson 5 – 10  minutes before class from the schedules page. 

3. Enjoy the class: Take the initiative to speak and learn as much as you can from the teacher and your classmates.  

4. Book more one-time group classes: If you enjoyed the class with your friends you should keep scheduling times to have fun and excelerate your progress.  

Although you can access everything from mobile, we highly recommend that you use your laptop or computer to fully enjoy the experience. Using the web app makes it easier and engaging with the teacher. This helps with reading materials and other content. 

Another benefit of using the web app is that teachers and students can share their screen to go over particular materials together. 

You can join your private lessons from your schedules page on both mobile and web. 10 minutes before they start, the “Join” button will turn green, and you can click on the button to join the lesson as soon as it becomes available. We recommend that you check your camera, microphone, and internet speed in advance so you can spend all of your time learning and practicing with your teacher.

Yes. One benefit of using the web app and Hallo is that teachers and students can share their screen to go over particular materials during the lesson together. 

You can find your recorded classes on your profile page on both mobile and web so you can rewatch and solitify your understanding.  

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