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One-on-one Classes

Before Booking

  • Students can schedule one-on-one classes with their favorite teachers from their profile and calendar. Students can also request days and times! 
  • Once the class is scheduled there is a private chat that is created so the teacher and students can coordinate a topic or focus for the class. 
  • Having one-on-one conversations with English teachers is a great way to correct your mistakes and get constructive feedback in real time . 
  • All one-on-one classes are recorded on students’ profiles so they can rewatch them and continue improving.

Here are some of the most commonly used tips for our most active and successful Hallo students

1) Schedule: Find teachers that have schedules that work best for you through the filter feature on the search page.

2) Rating: Look at teachers’ ratings and see how other students value their private lessons.

3) Teaching style: Join other classes from multiple teachers and see if you like their teaching style.

4) Expertise: Use the filters to find teachers that have expertise you are looking for.

4) Friendship: Learn from teachers that you admire and feel comfortable speaking with.

There are hundreds of amazing ESL teachers you can learn from on Hallo.

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Students can go to this teacher list to filter teachers by criteria based on their needs and find the right teachers for them quickly. 

If a student books a one-on-one class with a teacher on the teacher’s profile, the teacher’s info will show up for the class on the schedules page. When it’s time for your class, a “Join Now” button will show up on the schedules page that will take you to the class when you click on it.

Also, if students book two lessons back to back, they automatically get combined into one class. So the student and teacher don’t need to leave the first class for the second class. 

All one-on-one class schedules are based on your time zone, and Hallo sends you a push notification 30 minutes in advance just in case you forget.

We recommend that students check their schedules frequently so they don’t miss their lessons or aren’t late. Enjoy!

Yes. Students can get a 5% discount by booking 5 one-on-one classes or a 10% discount by booking 10 or more classes from the same teacher.

Once you find your favorite teacher and want to use this discount, you can ask the teacher to open up more time slots.

Yes on both mobile and web. If you can’t find a time slot you like from your favorite teacher, you can go to the teacher’s profile and find a button called “Request a Class”
You will pay when you send a request, but if the teacher is not able to accept your request because of a time conflict, the teacher will let you know and you will get a full refund. 

If you are late for your class, it’s okay as long as you join within 15 minutes of the start time. After that the teacher is no longer required to stay. 

Students are able to message the teachers and communicate conflicts through the private chat. 

We recommend that students keep track of their schedule and join on time.

Students can cancel 24 hours in advance and get a 100% refund and cancel within 24 hours and get a 50% refund. When students get a refund, it will show in the transaction history immediately. Both students and teachers can’t cancel lessons within 1 hour before their lessons.

After Booking

1. Choose a topic: Send a message in advance and let the teacher know how you want to spend your time during class. 

2. Be on time: Don’t be late! Make sure you join the class 5 minutes before the start time from the schedules page. 

3. Enjoy the class: It’s game time! We encourage you to be brave and speak as much as you can. Enjoy! 

4. Ask for feedback: Ask questions and ask for feedback from the teacher to customize your learning experience.

5. Book classes again: Consistency is key to your success in fluency. One-on-one classes are very effective because you have all the teacher’s attention on you. Booking with a teacher again is one of the greatest compliments you can give them. 

Although you can access everything from mobile, we highly use your laptop or computer to fully enjoy the experience. Using the web app makes it easier to engage  with the teacher and any  materials being presented  in class. 

Another benefit of using the web app is that teachers and students can share their screen to further  enrich the learning experience. 

You can join your one-on-one class from your schedules page on both mobile and web. 10 minutes before your scheduled class time the “Join” button will turn green. You are welcome to enter the class early.
We recommend that you check your camera, microphone, and internet speed in advance so you can spend all of your time learning and practicing with your teacher.

Yes. One benefit of using the Hallo web app is that teachers and students can share their screens to go over particular materials during the classes together. 

You can find your recorded classes on your profile page on both mobile and web. You’re encouraged to  review and rewatch your classes .

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