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Product – Version 2.18 (November 16, 2020)

Product – Version 2.18 (November 16, 2020)


We are happy to make some exciting announcements today. From now on, we are going to update our app every 2 weeks and share all improvements on our product in detail. You will be able to find these updates via our website, official FB page, and monthly emails. If you are ready to join the Hallo rocketship, let’s go ahead and buckle up for our exciting rollercoaster.

Version 2.18 – November 16, 2020

1. Gamification: Student live streaming, video calling, photo sharing, sharing stories are now available to anyone at any level. All of these features are now unlimited except for live streaming. Students can stream for 30 minutes for free everyday, but if students want to stream unlimited and unlock other premium features such as multiple hop-ons, filters for InstaMatch, recorded streams, and the premium badge, they can subscribe to Hallo Premium. We also implemented AI to detect inappropriate content for live streams, auto-ban spammers, and continue to build a safe, pleasant environment for all Halloers.

2. Schedules page: We are introducing a schedules page to help our students and teachers see their organized schedules in one page which shows both of their live classes and private lessons. They can create, join, edit, and cancel their lessons on this page to be more structured and organized. 

3. Rewards program: With the new rewards program, students can continue to invite their friends and get a reward. If a referred student buys Hallo Cash, the referring student will get $10 for free. 

4. Stories: Can not only friends but also followers see students’ stories. We also improved its UI.

5. Recorded videos: We improved its UI and performance and made it so you can swipe comments to show or remove comments. 

6. App size: We literally cut our app size in HALF.

7. Performance: We re-architected the way we show photos in order to improve performance and latency which allows the app to consume less data.

8. Chats: Now students can delete their messages in chats and send messages in milliseconds. 

9. Safety: Streamers can long press a comment and block a student to kick that student out of the stream and remove all of his/her comments. Also, if you block someone, the blocked person is no longer able to see and join any of your content.

10. Bug fixes: We’ve fixed the start stream, photo-sharing, and InstaMatch bugs. Thanks for being patient. 🙂 We’ve also fixed most of the crash issues, and students get points from hop-ons only if they put in a certain period of time.

Hallo is a fun, safe place where you can learn from native speakers and practice speaking English with real people everyday. Deep inside, we all know that the best way to learn English is by practicing, speaking, and immersing yourself in the culture every single day. We are happy Hallo is already helping hundreds of thousands of English learners from all around the world become fluent. This is just the beginning of Hallo.


The Hallo Team

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