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Product – Version 2.21 (January 13, 2021)

Product – Version 2.21 (January 13, 2021)

Version 2.21 – Jan 13, 2021

Here’s our first release in 2021! I’m sure you will enjoy all these amazing, new features. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Live streams and recorded videos:

– Now you can swipe up or down your screen to go to previous or next streams without having to leave streams.

– You can still keep audio and listen even if you close the app if you are in a video.

2. Leaderboards: 

– Students can now have more fun and get recognized for their hard work by competing with friends through our point system. The more often you practice English, the higher your ranking will be.

– You can also see any streamers’ top 10 contributors within their live streams to see who is supporting their teachers and friends the most. Let’s share some love and support.

– You can see your monthly ranking on your profile page and the leaderboard.

3. Home page: We improved our UI of the home page so you can scroll through live streams all vertically.

4. On-boarding: We added a new on-boarding step that recommends 12 teachers to every new student.

5. Improvements and bugs:

– You can tap on a transaction to see its exact date and time.

– For bad words, now we are giving a warning two more times before auto-suspending or banning.

– We’ve fixed a Firebase bug that was causing a lot of crashes. 

– You can watch recorded videos from revoked teachers and other users who have recorded videos.

On top of all of these, we are planning to make the Beta version of our web app available to our teachers early next week and to our students by the end of this month.

We have great plans for 2021, and you will be amazed to see where Hallo will be at the end of this year.


The Hallo team

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  1. Thanks for this read mate. Well, this is my first visit to your blog! But I admire the precious time and effort you put into it, especially into interesting articles you share here!

  2. First of all ,you have picked a very unique theme . I think i might design something similar for a future project that i want to build . On top of that ,i in fact enjoy most of your writing and your different point of view. Thank you

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