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Product – Version 2.22 (Feb 17, 2021)

Product – Version 2.22 (Feb 17, 2021)

Picture-in-picture(PiP) mode: This new feature allows you to watch videos in a floating window so you can still watch and listen while using other parts of the app. This feature has been implemented to live classes, recorded videos, private lessons, InstaMatch, and audio/video calls.

Big improvements on stories: Users can now send messages through stories, and we improved our UI a ton.

Improvements on private lessons:

1) Lessons automatically close 5 minutes after the end of the 25 min private lessons with a 1 min notice.

2) The “Time to wrap up” message shows up exactly at 25 min.

3) Students and teachers are considered late if they are 5 min late. If teachers are late, lessons automatically close, and students get a refund. If students are late, teachers still stay in their lessons.

Added Help(FAQs): Added a help section to our settings where students and teachers can find answers to their questions right away on our app. 

Small updates: 

1) The top bar of the home, discover, and home pages scroll together along with the main page when the pages are being scrolled down.

2) Subscribers and Premium users get a reminder to extend their subscription 7 days before the end of their subscriptions.

3) Inactive teachers get revoked automatically and their subscribers get a refund.

4) Dark mode is now back!

Bug fixes: 

1) Improved a ton of performance for both live streams and the app in general

2) Fixed the Hallo cash purchase bug

3) Fixed the online status bug

4) Fixed the notification bug

5) Fixed the Hop-on bug

Web app:

1) Purchase Hallo Cash with their debit/credit card

2) Buy Hallo Premium with Hallo Cash

3) Turn on/off hop-on screen

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