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Product – Version 2.22 (Feb 2, 2021)

Product – Version 2.22 (Feb 2, 2021)

Woohoo! We are so excited to share our new features with you. Most importantly, the beta version of our web app is now available at www.hallo.video! Go check it out and let us know what you think. On the web app, you can start lessons from your computer and share your screen, which is a total game changer for us. 🙂 

With this release, we’ve also made a ton of improvements for the mobile app. 

1. Notifications: See thumbnails for live streams and a list of people that followed you in one line instead of having multiple lines for multiple followers. Also, notifications are organized by today, yesterday, this week, and this month from now on. 

2. Live Classes: Along with the web app, the quality of live classes is now even better! Enjoy all of the following features just for $7/mo and send requests to hop-on without additionally being charged: 

1) Access to Hop ons
2) Subscriber Badge
3) Class Schedule
4) Message Teacher
5) Unlock All Videos
6) Download Any Videos

3. Hallo Premium: We’ve also improved Hallo Premium quite a bit! The whole design has been updated, and students can enjoy all of the following Premium features just for $7/mo: 

1) Enjoy unlimited streaming
2) Bring on up to 4 friends for hop-ons
3) Record your streams on your profile
4) Download your recorded videos
5) Enjoy unlimited InstaMatch
6) Use the filter for InstaMatch
7) Enjoy beautiful dark mode
8) Show Premium badge and support

4. Recorded Videos: Scroll through recorded videos and listen to any classes without having to keep the app open. 

5. Email Instructions: Get an information email when you create a new account, purchase Hallo Cash, book a private lesson, subscribe to a teacher, or sign up for Hallo Premium. 

6. Categories: Attend classes based on your level! Now we have 1) Beginner, 2) Intermediate, and 3) Advanced. 

7. Leaderboards: Practice English everyday and join the top 10 list of the leaderboard. 

8. UI Improvements: Enjoy different from each main page: 1) Home: notification and chat, 2) Discover: search and teachers, 3) InstaMatch: leaderboards and teachers, 4) Schedules: search and teachers, 5) Profile: achievements and settings

9. Teacher Recommendations: Now we are recommending 12 teachers to new students: 3 random teachers of each of the following lists: 1) teachers of the week, 2) new teachers of the week, 3) teachers that are live concurrently, and 4) all teachers. 

10. Search: Search and find your friends by name or username. We removed the student list in order to create a safer environment for Halloers. 

11. Updates on Subscription Refunds: Students can now cancel their subscription in their first 2 weeks and get a 50% refund of their current month. If students are happy with their subscription and are still subscribed to the teacher after 2 weeks, the teacher will receive the second payment from the student’s subscription.

12. Small Updates and bug fixes:

1) Decreased the InstaMatch limit from 45 to 60 min per day.
2) When teachers are revoked, subscribers get refunds automatically.
3) Users can create group chats and invite their followers.
4) When video is turned off for hop-ons, video doesn’t show in recorded videos.
As you can see, we’ve updated the app quite a bit. We hope you continue to learn English and pursue your dreams with Hallo.
The Hallo Team
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