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The 10 Best Apps to Learn English: Organized For Your Learning Style!

In the current decade, learning English should be much easier than having to pay for classes. The entire world is at our fingertips with all various technologies. Along with its many other uses, our phones have the power to help us learn English—not just proficiently, but fluently!

I’ve done the busy work for you by collecting the 10 best English learning apps. (Pay attention to #5. It’s our favorite 😉

This guide will help you find the best app to fit your learning style. You will find it’s divided into sections for convenience and accessibility. For example, if you’re wanting to focus on vocabulary, scroll down to the “Vocabulary” section to see exactly which apps can best meet your needs.

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The Basics:

For those wanting to start fresh

  1. Duolingo

    1. Possibly the most popular, well-known app on the market, Duolingo makes language learning easy for everyone. This app is recommended for beginners. You can spend just a few minutes each day studying basic words, phrases, and grammar to help you grasp English concepts. Duolingo also allows you to quiz yourself to check your fluency, progress, and areas of needed improvement. 


For those needing word practice

2. Babbel

Babbel is also popular in the language learning world. This app helps you learn vocabulary, but it’s not just memorizing words. Babbel lets you apply vocabulary in many different situations, helping you determine when certain words should and should not be used

For those preferring laughing and practicing

3. Memrise

The focus of Memrise is to help you learn vocabulary but through a unique approach. Users are able to connect jokes to vocabulary so you’re more likely to recall the words and meanings. There’s no better way than using humor to make learning fun and effective!

Language learning Apps

For the game players

4. MindSnacks

MindSnacks was created by experts to make language learning entertaining. It offers engaging games to help you learn new words, sentences, and grammar. Based on your performance, the app will provide you with more new games to help you keep improving. 


For those who learn by talking to real people

5. Hallo 

If you want to take your English to the next level, this is the best app for you! Hallo connects you with native English speakers whom you can converse with directly, via audio, video chat, and/or messaging. It also includes live streams and videos made by paid, professional English teachers who can offer one-on-one advice. You’ll be fluent in no time and make lots of friends on the way!

Language learning Apps


For those who like watching videos

6. Fluent You

This is another popular app of high handiness if you’re willing to pay a little bit. Fluent You uses everyday videos, such as those found on YouTube, with subtitles to help you practice as you watch. It works for practically any language.


For those wanting to improve reading & writing skills

6. Beelinguapp

Though it has a wild name, Beelinguapp is quite useful! You can view two pieces of text side-by-side (one in English and one in your native language) to help you practice reading in English. The app also has a karaoke version where you can listen to songs, podcasts, and audiobooks as you read along in your language. 

Language learning Apps

For those wanting to build better sentences

8. Sentence Master

Sentence Master is a fun and educational app for kids and English language students who want to enhance their language skills in a more creative way. You can practice English grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure by ordering words to form correct sentences and sayings. 

Multiple Styles in One

For those with lots of learning styles

9. LingQ

LingQ gives you lessons based on media of your preference, such as news, podcasts, videos, recipes, or music, or you can import your own content to create a lesson. Live tutors are available to give one-on-one help and edit your work. 

Language learning Apps

Cold Turkey

For those ready to dive right in

10. Rosetta Stone

It’s the most famous app at the moment. Rosetta Stone cuts the fluff by immersing you fully into the language, but don’t let that scare you. You start with basic words and concepts, then once you have mastered those, you move on to more complex topics. 

That’s all for the complete guide of language learning apps, tailored to your needs. 

Language learning can be tough, but keep working hard and you’ll get the hang of it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, share them on Hallo. We’re open to hearing from you and answering your questions!

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