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Uber for Language Learning? How Hallo Got its Start

Uber for Language Learning? How Hallo Got its Start

Provo, Utah. The idea for Hallo began in 2017 while Hallo’s CEO, Joon Beh, was working with Uber. Inspired by the ride-hailing app’s synchronicity, Joon explored the concept of Uber for language learning. Instead of drivers and riders, an app could connect language learners and teachers. 

As a Korean immigrant, Joon had experienced challenges like being afraid to speak and not having opportunities to speak while learning English. In the United States though, Joon was at least surrounded by native speakers whom he could practice with–not all 1.5 billion English learners around the world are as fortunate. 

Language learners spend most of their time in their textbooks, flipping through Quizlet, or binging Duolingo. (Anyone who has taken a language in school, can tell you this might help you pass the course, but it won’t prepare you for actual conversations.)

Joon had firsthand experience that the most effective way to learn a new language is by actually speaking it. He knew learning English through speaking needed to be made more accessible. 

  1. The solution needed to be affordable. 
  2. It needed to be convenient and available 24/7. (Preferably a solution that didn’t require changing out of pajamas or even getting out of bed.)
  3. And it needed to focus primarily on learning languages through speaking and community.

Enter Hallo: the real-time language-learning platform for speaking.

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Hallo takes one of the scarier parts of learning a new language (speaking in front of native speakers) and makes it as easy as clicking a button

Joon says, “Because of my immigrant background, I’ve experienced and lived through the problems that Hallo is trying to solve.” Hallo’s live-streams, small-group classes, private lessons and study clubs all promote speaking. Students are able to build confidence, overcome their fear of speaking, and become fluent while learning how to communicate with others.

Unlike the isolation of a textbook or a stack of flashcards, Hallo’s features create a community. Hallo’s community-based learning approach takes the fear out of speaking and creates a supportive and encouraging environment that facilitates growth and learning.

Since its start, the Hallo community has grown to over 1 million students from all around the world without spending any money on advertising.

Hallo can help you land your dream job, improve your communication skills, and even make small talk with your Uber driver. To start practicing English, visit the Hallo website here.

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