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‘Getting the Interview’ Course Curriculum

It’s not just about how you’re hired—it’s also about where. This course will help students compare companies and prepare their application so they can get the interview at the job of their dreams.

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Curriculum Overview

From research to networking to resumes to submitting the application, this course will prepare your students to apply for the job of their dreams at the place they really want to work.

  • Lesson 1: Your Dream Company – Comparatives and Equatives
  • Lesson 2: Researching a Company – Rhetorical Questions
  • Lesson 3: Networking Your Way to Success – Reduction of Auxiliary Verbs
  • Lesson 4: What to Include in a Resume – Resumé Fragmented Grammar
  • Lesson 5: How to Sell Your Resume – Parallel Structure (+ Good Verbs)
  • Lesson 6: Cover Letter Overview – Active vs. Passive Voice
  • Lesson 7: Submitting the Application – Passive Voice with Present Continuous/Perfect
  • Lesson 8: The Resume Presentation → Present Your Resume to the Class!

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