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Hallo is the future of language learning. With over 1 million English learners on our platform, ESL and EFL teachers can now—more than ever—reach their full potential by teaching hundreds of students from all around the world at the same time. Without having to teach in a traditional classroom or live in a different country, our teachers can still interact face-to-face with English learners by live streaming remotely from their mobile devices. They can create their own teaching schedules that best suit their needs and focus on one online platform to build their followings and best deliver value. 

Furthermore, Hallo teachers can teach and monetize in more ways than any other language learning platform: through live streams, instant or scheduled private lessons, and group lessons. Hallo provides a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in teaching, receive real-time feedback from students, and empower others from different countries. Apply to be a Hallo teacher today!

1) Speak English with a native fluency.
As a US based company, we are proud of our brand that represents native English speakers and qualified teachers who live and work throughout the world. Through our onboarding process, we ensure that applicants are fluent in English and that they have the potential to inspire and empower our students on Hallo. We do not require a college degree or English teaching certification even though they are recommended. Anyone who is ambitious and passionate about teaching English is welcome to apply if they meet the requirements.
2) Have the required teaching or education experience.
Hallo students love experienced teachers who teach with both creativity and structure in their lessons. Currently we require at least 1 year of teaching or tutoring experience with at least 6 of those months spent teaching English. However, if you are currently enrolled in school to teach English or are currently earning an ESL or TEFL certification, you are still eligible to apply to be a teacher on Hallo and may even be eligible to earn internship credit through your school (click here to learn more).  In addition, we also accept teaching experience you may have had through other social media—such as on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook. 
3) Are committed to be empathetic, patient, and kind to all teachers and students on Hallo.

Hallo is a diverse and inclusive community with over 1 million English learners from all around the world. We expect our teachers to show openness and sensitivity towards all differences: socio-economic, cultural, and religious. In addition, nobody in our community should feel discriminated against based on age, gender, race, or ethnicity. We believe in showing respect towards each others’ differences and do not tolerate discrimination or hate within our community, in or outside of the Hallo app.

4) Have recently read all of the Frequently Asked Questions for teachers.

We update our FAQ often to help new teacher applicants understand if Hallo is a good fit for them right now. If you don’t meet our current requirements or Hallo doesn’t meet your current requirements, you can always check back and apply in the future. Once an applicant is accepted as a teacher, they will receive the latest version of our Hallo Teacher Training Guide to provide them with more in-depth answers to their questions. Our training guide also contains more detailed instructions on how to use the app and how teachers can find more success on Hallo.

5) Have the required technology.

For now, you need a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with a strong internet connection to become a teacher on Hallo. By the spring of 2021 our team plans on releasing a web app so our teachers can choose to teach on their computers or their mobile devices. Wherever our teachers plan on teaching, we require them to have an internet speed of 16+ Mbps (2+ MB/s) to ensure high quality and good connectivity during lessons. It is also important that all of our teachers have access to either Stripe or Paypal in their country of residence in order for us to be able to pay them; our teachers currently work on a contract basis. (Teachers in the U.S. fill out a 1099 tax form.)

6) Once accepted as a teacher, you are committed to the following: 
  1. Go live with your intro video within 1 week. 
  2. Have an up-to-date schedule on your schedules page. 
  3. Professional profile, video thumbnails, and dress. 
  4. At least two 50+ min classes or private lessons/month. 
  5. Demonstrate native level of fluency with few mistakes. 
  6. Stay present in class with only relevant pauses. 
  7. Show video most of the time with exceptions. 
  8. Use legal, appropriate content as teaching materials. 
  9. Be kind and empathetic towards all students. 
  10. Have access to Stripe and/or PayPal. 
  11. Don’t take students off of Hallo to teach elsewhere. 

We also recommend that you attend our monthly  online teacher meetings to share your experiences and ask questions with other teachers from the Hallo community. 

Anyone who wishes to become a Hallo teacher goes through the same application process. Becoming a successful teacher on Hallo requires hard work, consistency, creativity, sincerity, problem solving, and passion. These are the qualities we look for the most during the hiring process. You can apply to be a teacher in these simple steps: 

1) Review all the teacher requirements and FAQs to make sure you are qualified and passionate about the opportunity.

2) If you meet the requirements, install the Hallo app and create a student account. Once accepted, we will be able to turn your account into a teacher’s.

3) Create a 1 minute introduction video and submit an application through Hallo’s website (https://hallo.tv/teacher).

Generally it takes 1-3 business days to hear back from Hallo if you get accepted. If you apply around major holidays it may take a bit longer. To not miss our acceptance email, please make sure to check your email inbox and spam folder (just in case) regularly.

If you don’t hear back from us within 7 business days, unfortunately that means you didn’t get accepted—but we hope you don’t become discouraged. We review every applicant carefully and make a decision based on if they are the right fit for Hallo right now. If you gain more teaching experience or qualifications and want to reapply in the future, we might decide then that you are ready to become a teacher on Hallo. Regardless, we hope you will always feel welcome on our app and like an important member of our Hallo community.

Teachers on Hallo can currently make money in 2 primary ways: (1) by teaching live classes and (2) by teaching private lessons. We recommend that teachers teach a combination of both, but focus on private lessons if they want to earn a specific hourly rate that they can set themselves. Live classes are a great way to reach multiple students at once, show your value as an English teacher, and inspire students to book more lesson with you and subscribe.

Live Classes

1) Subscriptions: Students subscribe to their favorite teachers for access to premium features including free hopons, subscriber-only chat/video, teacher group chat, and a beautiful Hallo balloon as a badge next to their name in your classes.

2) Tips: Students donate and support teachers financially in live classes.

3) Hop-ons: Students send a request to speak with a teacher in live classes, and teachers can bring them on the livestream and make money.

Private Lessons

1) Scheduling: Choose your own price for 25 minute lessons on your profile and start finding students! As you build a following and become popular through live classes, you will be able to continue to increase your price and find more students.

2) InstaMatch: Find a student to teach and make money at the click of a button whenever and wherever you want! We have a fixed price for InstaMatch, so any teacher can make a minimum of $8.4 USD/hour on Hallo.


With the introduction of InstaMatch private lessons, teachers can make money as soon as they join, but if you are looking for ways to make a quick buck, Hallo might not be the best fit. It takes time to build a following and start monetizing from our community on Hallo just like any other platform (e.g. Twitch and YouTube). However, Hallo provides teachers with the opportunity to make money while building a following and increase their income over time. On Hallo, there is incredible earning potential which is not possible on other typical ESL/EFL platforms.

Although most of our teachers currently earn just a side income by teaching on Hallo for 3-20 hours per week, it is our goal for teachers to be able to build their own English teaching businesses and make a career out of teaching on Hallo.

Some of our highest earning teachers have made $15-$20/class through livestreams and $28+/hr through scheduled private lessons. Both teachers and tutors can also earn $8.4/hr through instant private lessons on Instamatch.

Right now, average teachers typically earn $3-$12 per livestream and $8-$15/hr teaching scheduled private lessons; however, as we introduce Hallo courses and more structured group lessons in the coming months, the earning potential of our teachers will greatly increase. Even now, the amount of money teachers make largely depends on the amount of initiative they take in building their businesses and the value they are able to provide students.

1) Set your schedule on your channel and stick to it. Our students love subscribing to teachers who have consistent schedules.

2) Regularly remind users to subscribe/book private lessons with you and why subscribing/taking private lessons with you would provide them with more value.

3) Prioritize your subscribers when it comes to hop-ons and allow them to hop-on your live stream before other audience members.

4) Try the subscriber-only chat/video at least once a week and increase the number over time. That way, you can focus on your subscribers and provide them with the opportunity to speak with you.

5) Create lessons plans, review past material, and provide as much value as you can. At the end of the day, our users are using Hallo to learn English and practice speaking with you.

6) Stay on Instamatch until you connect with a student. You can read a book or do other work while you wait for the next student. Then, after every lesson, ask if they would like to book a scheduled private lesson with you.

Finally, know that you can be successful by teaching on Hallo! If you genuinely enjoy teaching and helping people learn English, you are at the right place. Just like anything else, it will take time and effort to be successful, but we promise it will be worth it as long as you are committed. At Hallo, we are here to help ambitious teachers succeed by providing the tools that they need and creating the place for students to come and learn English.

Hallo has hundreds of thousands of students from all around the world, which means teachers can stream at anytime, anywhere. To reach their fullest potential as soon as possible, we recommend that teachers stream for 60-90 minutes on a regular basis at least three times a week at the times that work the best for their schedule. However, if you’re not finding much success during a certain time or day, we recommend switching it up! The teachers we have noticed that gain the most subscribers tend to have a set schedule and stream at least 3 times a week.

If you would like to focus on teaching private lessons, we recommend setting your available schedule and checking your notifications and schedule often to see who has booked lessons with you. Most students like just having 1 25-minute private lessons, but some students may want to book 2 25-minute lessons with you back-to-back. As you focus on teaching to your students’ needs, understanding their goals, and helping them make progress to achieve them, students will be more likely to want to continue to learn with you. Don’t be afraid to assign homework and ask students if they would like to continue to learn 1 on 1 with you once or even twice a week!

Although Hallo has its own curriculum anyone can access here: hallo.tv/curriculum, many of our teachers use or create their own. Some of our teachers use a mix. On Hallo, you have the freedom to choose!

Teachers can stream any topic related to their brand as long as the overall goal is to help people become more confident and fluent in English and as long as the content is acceptable under our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service. We recommend creating lesson plans, regularly asking students for feedback, and focusing your lessons on your students’ needs. Other than that, the choice is yours! Use quizzes, videos, music, games, cultural experiences, props, whiteboards, etc. to engage your students and help them best learn English.

Accepted teachers will have access to our teacher training guide which explains the process of teaching on Hallo in more detail.

Ready to teach on Hallo?



Hallo is where English leaners become fluent:

1) Watch live English classes from natives 24/7

2) Practice with a native speaker one-to-one instantly

3) Meet new people and practice together

4) Overcome your fear of speaking

5) Share what you learn in groups

6) Keep track of your progress

We are all about practicality: speaking and interacting with real people.

If you are dedicated to learning English and improving speaking skills, you are welcome to Hallo, and you can install the app to create an account with accurate information. Make sure you use your real name, update your profile picture as well as the “About Me” section, and verify your country. Having accurate information will help you build credibility and find the right speaking partners quickly on Hallo.

Students can watch live English classes from native speakers 24/7, ask questions through comments, and even hop on to practice speaking with them on livestreams. Hallo is the best way to learn from and interact with native English speakers in a fun, affordable, and effective way. 

Students can also pay for private lessons on Instamatch or by scheduling private lessons with their favorite teachers on the teachers’ profile pages.

Speaking English with other learners is a great way to practice and improve speaking skills, and there are three ways to find speaking partners on Hallo:

1) InstaMatch: At the click of a button, students can find another English learner at their level to practice on an audio or video call.

2) Live Streams: There are a number of dedicated learners on livestreams. Students can interact with each other in real time and get to know each other.

3) Search Feature: Students can search for speaking partners by various criteria on the search page and send messages to become friends.

Speaking English for 30 minutes everyday will help anyone become fluent within a few months.

Absolutely! We have just introduced private and group lessons which will provide students with the opportunity to learn from native speakers in private. Thanks to group lessons, students will be able to make their lessons more fun and affordable as they invite their friends to their class.

Hallo rewards students that reach level 100 with a Hallo certificate. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. Learning a new language takes a long time, and we hope students continue to put in the time and effort to achieve their goals and dreams in life through language.

If you are late for your class, you won’t get a refund. We recommend that students keep their schedule and be aware of it.

Students can buy cash with a debit card or credit card, PayPal or Google or Apple. For those who don’t have any of these, they can get a Google/Apple Store giftcard at a store in person or online. Also, we are planning to introduce additional payment gateways to make it more accessible in the near future. If students still have a technical issue after updating the Hallo app, restarting their phone, and logging back into Hallo, they can email us at support@hallo.tv.

Students can cancel their Hallo Premium anytime, but they can’t get a refund for Hallo coins they’ve already purchased. If you have extra coins you don’t know how to use, we recommend hopping on a livestream or tipping or subscribing to your favorite teacher(s).

Hallo is always trying to keep the platform safe and pleasant for everyone, and in order to make that happen, we need help from our community members. If students receive inappropriate messages from other students, they should report and block them so Hallo can review the report and decide whether to permanently ban them from Hallo.

Students get suspended if they breach our code of conduct. Generally, if it’s not a major breach, they get unsuspended automatically in 3 days.

Currently, Hallo is only available on Android and iOS, but our web app will be launched at the end of 2020 so students will be able to use Hallo on their laptop or desktop in the near future!

Absolutely! We don’t ask for private information on Hallo, and even if we do, we don’t save or share any confidential information from our users.

If you find any technical issues or bugs, please report them through the Report Bug feature in settings or email us at support@hallo.tv with details. 

Our team wants to give you a special thank you for your patience with the Hallo platform as we are still building from the ground up. The Hallo app launched in April 2019 and we are excited to continue to add new features and perfect old ones to make the experience even more valuable and worthwhile to you and all of our users. By reporting bugs, you can help us improve our product and be a part of making Hallo an app that will change the future of language learning.


Live streaming is a fun, engaging, and effective way to learn from native speakers. English learners can attend live classes, ask questions in real time, and practice speaking with natives and other exceptional teachers on live streams 24/7. Our vision is to democratize language learning and create a digitally immersive experience, without having to spend a lot of time and money living in another country. ​

Students can have lessons with teachers 1 on 1 through InstaMatch and scheduling:


InstaMatch is a great way to find a teacher to practice speaking with whenever you want. The price on InstaMatch is $0.14 USD per minute ($8.4 USD/hour). This way, all students and teachers can have the same expectations for the quality and price of private lessons on InstaMatch.


Students can also visit teachers’ profile to book private lessons. Each teacher has their own price and schedule, so students can find teachers that have the right teaching style, schedule, and price for them by visiting their profile and checking out their live streams.

Students can use 300 coins to subscribe to their favorite teacher and get benefits each month such as sub-only chat/video, exclusive group chat, private messages, schedules, and a beautiful balloon as a badge on the teacher’s streams. The majority of students subscribe to use hop-ons and practice speaking with native speakers, so teachers tend to provide their subscribes with the opportunity to speak with them through hop ons for free. Students can also subscribe for multiple months and to multiple teachers to learn from various teachers on Hallo. When students subscribe for multiple months, they get a discount and a different color for their balloon.

Hop-ons are the best way for students to learn from and practice speaking with native speakers on live streams, and there are two ways to use this feature:

1) Students can send a request to hop on with Hallo coins whether they are subscribed or not. Once the teacher accepts a request, the student joins the live stream and pays the teacher’s price per minute as long as they are hopped-on.

2) Teachers often invite their subscribes to join their stream for free to practice together, which is one of the many benefits students get by subscribing to their favorite teachers. 

To close hop-ons, the student or teacher can tap on the student’s screen to see the option to hop off the student. If a student runs out of coins while speaking with the teacher, it will show a notification that the student ran out of coins so the teacher knows that it’s her choice to continue talking or letting the student go.

Students love hop-ons!


Students can donate coins to support their teachers and send premium messages on live streams. When a student sends a donation, an animation of the student’s profile picture and a green message pop up. Giving tips is a great way to encourage teachers and express appreciation for their great lessons.

Hallo Premium helps students become fluent faster, and students can have a 7 day free trial or pay a monthly subscription fee to access the following:

1) Unlock every feature without leveling up

2) Practice on unlimited streams and video calls

3) Bring up to 4 friends for hop-on on your stream

4) Record your streams on your profile to rewatch

5) Select partners by gender or region for InstaMatch

6) Show golden name and support for Hallo family

Practice English everyday and become fluent on Hallo.

InstaMatch is one of the main features of Hallo that connects students at the click of a button so they can practice speaking on an audio or video call in real time. We also have just introduced InstaMatch private lessons so students can have 1 on 1 lessons with a native speaker whenever they want.

Stories are a fun way to interact with friends on Hallo by sharing photos or videos, similar to other social media platforms.

High fives on Hallo are similar to likes from different platforms. High fives are available through live streams, hop-ons, comments, messages, calls, and InstaMatch, and they are great ways to encourage teachers and students.

Students need to reach certain levels or use Hallo Premium in order to unlock features such as photo sharing, video calling, and live streaming on Hallo. If students listen to native speakers and practice speaking on a regular basis, they will be able to unlock all of the features in a few weeks.

Every time students watch live classes from teachers, invite friends to Hallo, or practice speaking though hop ons, calls, and InstaMatch, they earn points and level up. This gamification is a great way for students to keep track of their progress and understand how much time and effort they are putting in to improve their English on Hallo. Another benefit is unlocking premium features and earning a Hallo certificate as they continue to level up.

Students can find “InstaLog” on their profile page that shows them a list of people that they have spoken with before on InstaMatch. They can stay in touch and reach out to each other to have follow up conversations.

Students can see their transaction history by tapping the coin amount on their profile page or the coin amount on the top right side of the coin shop page. It has three sections such as Received, Spent, and Purchased where they can see every detail of their transactions.

Students get a notification when a teacher that they are following starts a class. In order to manage their notifications, they can go to their settings and notification page where they can manage push notifications, in app notifications, and notifications for particular teachers.

Students can go to other users’ profile page and click on “More’ to find the option to report or block them. If users are blocked, they are no longer able to see and interact with each other. At Hallo, we review reports everyday and suspend or permanently ban users that violate our code of conduct.

Try it yourself!

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