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About Hallo

Hallo is an on-demand language learning platform for speaking. At the click of a button, you start practicing with a native speaker or a speaking partner via video chat from the palm of your hand. 

Learn English and become fluent with the world’s most-speaking time English learning app! Hallo is the fun, free app for learning English through online classes with native speakers and speaking practice with other students.

Designed by English experts and loved by millions of learners around the world, Hallo provides you with a scientifically proven method to improve your speaking and listening skills by practicing with native speakers and other learners with one click anytime, anywhere. 

Speak English and improve your communication skills with real people to build your confidence and become a fluent English speaker!

Hallo is fun and effective

Learn through interactive classes with native speakers as well as exciting content and games with other students. Hallo helps you experience immersive language learning and build solid speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. 

Hallo works

Designed by English experts and based on the Interactive Theory of Language Learning, Hallo has a science-based teaching methodology proven to help language learners become fluent and improve their communication skills.

Learn based on your level and interest

Whether you are studying English for travel, school, career, family and friends, or your passion, you’ll love learning with Hallo. You can find the right classes, teachers, or speaking partners for IELTS, TOEFL, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, American/British accent, business English, and more! 

Track your progress

Take speaking tests and work toward your English learning goals with rewards and achievements when you make practicing 10 minutes a daily habit. Share your progress with your friends and family and feel proud of your hard work. Daily practice makes perfect!

Join the biggest English learning community

Hallo is the home of English learners. You’ll meet other students from around the world to speak English together and get support from our friendly community. Invite your friends and get amazing rewards! 

At Hallo, we believe that the most effective way to learn English is by speaking, practicing, and interacting with real people. By focusing on human interaction, you can overcome the fear of speaking, advance in your career opportunities, and become fluent while learning how to communicate with others.

Dream BIG and reach your full potential with Hallo!

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