Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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About Hallo

Hallo is an online language learning platform for speaking. On Hallo, English learners learn from certified native teachers and practice speaking with other students in one-on-one conversations or small groups anywhere, anytime.

Hallo offers live classes, private lessons, and speaking clubs around practical topics with opportunities to become fluent and dream big.

Everything we focus on at Hallo is speaking. We help students actually become fluent because our students get to have 4 times more speaking practice than any other platforms through our community.

English learners don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking in schools or English academies. There are 1.5 billion English learners throughout the world looking for opportunities to speak, and Hallo fills that huge need. 

With our 1M+ member community, students can practice with others in real-time or learn through private lessons and live classes with certified ESL native speakers. On Hallo, learning English is fun, effective, and affordable all in real-time. 

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