Upskill talent to boost performance and revenue

Accelerate language learning for employees and students with our AI products. Track progress seamlessly with our language assessment and dashboard.

Provide more opportunities to speak and become fluent

Empower your employees or students to practice speaking any language, anytime, anywhere. Keep track of their progress with our assessment tests.

Invest in and upskill your teams for work performance and higher retention

Promote employees objectively by setting and measuring against clear benchmarks. Maximize your ROI with data-driven decision-making.

Have conversations and practice with AI

Enjoy hundreds of different lessons and practice speaking in any language with an AI tutor anytime, anywhere.

Keep track of tangible progress

Keep track of progress and evaluate speaking skills after each lesson through feedback.

Manage all employees and students in one page

Monitor your employees’ or students’ weekly learning time and proficiency levels seamlessly.

To show Hallo's language assessment dashboard for score reports

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