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Speak English Anytime, Anywhere

At the click of a button, learn from certified native teachers and practice English to overcome the fear of speaking, become fluent, and speak like a native speaker.


Our real-time, live online classes make it easy for you to find opportunities to learn and speak with teachers. Find teachers and classes based on your needs and interests in seconds.


Learning English with us is effective and practical because we focus on a proven model: speaking and community referred to as The Interaction Hypothesis of Second Language Acquisition.


Hallo democratizes language learning by focusing on group lessons. Learning with our native teachers is 50% more affordable, and students can practice with other students for free.

Learn with Native English Teachers

Choose your favorite learning style to learn in the most comfortable way. 

  • Live Class
  • One-on-one Class
  • Group Class
  • Speaking Club

Choose your favorite teachers, topics and times to start engaging in meaningful conversations for the next 4 weeks. The best parts are, you’re guaranteed to be speaking twice a week with a certified teacher and up to 35 other English learners! That’s a total of 8 classes for the starting price of $9.99. 


If you prefer privacy, focused and dedicated time with a teacher one-on-one classes are the perfect option for you! You can select times from the teacher’s schedule or request times that work for you. Pricing will vary from teacher to teacher but the minimum rate is $7.25 for a 30 minute class. Book multiple classes for additional savings. 

Get exclusive with your friends and your favorite teacher with one-time group classes. There's a maximum of 5 students in each class for the minimum rate of $10 per student. You can expect an organized and prepared lesson for an entire hour of talk time. One-time group classes are nice for those that also need flexibility! 

Create speaking clubs with friends and improve your fluency  together around topics you're all interested in.

Hundreds of Top Certified ESL Teachers

Our teachers are friendly, professional, and experienced English teachers.

From the USA, 3 years of experience Teaching English, Learning to speak French. 

Hallo! I am from Canada. I have been teaching ESL for 3 years, and I love it!

As a former actress, I specialize in pronunciation, accents, and confidence. 

I’ve been an ESL teacher for 3 years. I will help YOU build confidence and fluency.

Join 1 Million Students

20K positive reviews, 20M minutes of calls per month, 30 minutes of average daily practice time

Become a Hallo Teacher

Earn income and reach your full potential by teaching English with us.

Time to Become Fluent

Achieve your goals and dreams in life.

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