Learn a language with AI and become fluent

Have conversations and practice with AI

Master new languages with an AI tutor available anytime, anywhere. Practice speaking in over 50 languages and achieve fluency with ease.

Role play with your
favorite characters

Imagine having role plays and practicing with celebrities. Create your own scenarios with particular characters and learn languages with them!

Learn effectively with hundreds of topics

Speak new languages with hundreds of topics based on your level. Keep track of your progress as you learn new words and talk about interesting topics.

Receive feedback
real-time from AI

Keep track of your progress and evaluate your speaking skills after each lesson through feedback based on fluency, grammar, and vocabulary.

Become fluent,
dream big.

Trusted learning app with
40K positive reviews

Before Hallo, fear prevented me from speaking and having conversations. But now, I can talk anytime, anywhere.
Duolingo helps you learn a new language. Hallo helps you speak it.
After trying 50 apps, I've found one that fits my busy schedule. With Hallo working 24/7, I can always talk whenever I want.
Hallo's helped me land my dream job! 6 months back I was struggling with my interviews. Now I have 3 job offers.
Hallo makes it easy for me to learn and speak languages confidently.
Hallo is the best language learning app I've ever seen. I learned how to speak, and I can practice anytime.

Work with us for
your organization

Language Assessment

Automate your language assessment with our AI tools. We provide fast, affordable, and accurate language assessments in 50+ languages to individuals, enterprise, and education.

Language Training

Empower your organization with the opportunity to learn and practice over 50 languages at a special discounted rate. Our AI language training tools cater to classes and teams of all sizes.

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