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Part time | Multiple locations

About The Job

Hallo is a real-time language learning online marketplace company with over 1 million English learners on its platform. ESL teachers can now build their own businesses and reach their full potential by teaching English learners from around the world in both private and group lessons all online.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Teaching experience: At least two years of experience in teaching or tutoring English
  2. Meet one of the following criteria: A bachelor’s degree in any major related to English or a TEFL/TESOL certification from a trusted organization such as TESOL and Bridge
  3. Reliable technology: Desktop/Laptop and a smartphone/tablet
  4. A high-speed internet connection of ≥ 25 Mb/s (Check your connection here)

Preferred Qualifications

  • ESL/EFL Teaching experience
  • Social media teaching experience
  • Online teaching experience

Criteria for Evaluating Potential Hallo Teachers

  • Ability to give and receive positive and constructive feedback
  • Adaptability in and outside of the digital classroom
  • Cultural understanding and emotional intelligence
  • Teaching clarity and effectiveness
  • Student Reviews and Feedback
  • Time management skills
  • Professionalism and creativity

How do Hallo teachers make money through Hallo?

  1. Live Classes

Live classes are a great way to make money and build a following by teaching hundreds of students at the same time with flexible schedules and materials. Through live classes, teachers teach English in their own unique way and make $7 per subscriber.

  1. Private Lessons

Hallo Teachers can choose their own schedule and price for private lessons. As they build a following and become popular through live classes and courses, teachers can continue to find a good number of students for 1 on 1 lessons and become even more successful as ESL teachers on Hallo.

Since students find teachers for private lessons mainly through our search filter, we encourage teachers to set regular schedules 2-3 months in advance so students can find time slots that work for them easily and book multiple lessons at once. 

  1. Hallo Courses (There’s an additional step)

For Hallo Courses, we have a rigorous onboarding process to make sure you can provide our students with quality lessons and feedback. To be considered, you can email us about your desire to teach Hallo courses at ashley@hallo.tv, and we will invite you to move forward with your application if we feel you are a good fit for Hallo Courses. In one of the next steps, we will give you a lesson plan to use and ask you to teach a 60 minute demo lesson on Hallo.

Accepted teachers can teach Hallo Courses that integrate vetted curriculum, digital homework for students, both written and AI-speaking assessments, specific learning objectives based on global standards of English, and opportunities for students to earn certifications. Course teachers teach 8 one-hour classes per monthly course and can make up to $30/hr with a group of up to 5 students per class. In consideration for courses to be taught by teachers, Hallo agrees to pay them for each course lesson they teach at the hourly rates below:

  • 5 students: $30/hr 
  • 4 students: $24/hr 
  • 3 students: $18/hr 
  • 2 students: $12/hr

*IMPORTANT: Check out our FAQs before submitting your application to see if you would be a good fit for Hallo.

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