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Instamatch allows you to speak English in real-time with other students. At the click of a button, you will get matched with a student from anywhere in the world who wants to practice English as much as you do based on your English level and interests!

Tip: tap the learning materials on the bottom right to help expand your vocabulary, suggest exciting topics to discuss, and play fun games!

We have developed learning materials to help you and your speaking partner expand your vocabulary, provide exciting topics to talk about, and play games that will take your English speaking skills to the next level!

Learning materials include:

  • Topic: Enhance your fluency by talking about exciting topics
  • Debate: Improve your public speaking by debating with your friends
  • Truth or Dare: Challenge each other with truth or dare!

You can filter students by gender, region, and English level. Just tap “filter” under Instamatch before you hit “Start Instamatch.” Please note that you will be matched with other students if we don’t find any user who meets your criteria.

Simply tap “skip” if you don’t feel like talking to a student. There’s no limit to the skips you want to make, but you’ll see an ad every five skips.

Tip: try to speak with as many students as possible! Talking with students with different accents will help you improve your listening skills much faster.

You can see a list of students you’ve spoken with on InstaLog. Simply tap InstaLog on the right corner of your home page (under Instamatch). Keep in touch with your speaking partners, and continue practicing together!

If you had a bad experience with a particular student on InstaMatch, please report the student immediately by tapping the three dots on the top right corner of the screen and writing as many details as possible on your report. You can also leave a 1-star review once you finish the call.

Hallo does not allow disrespectful behavior, and we do our best to keep our platform safe for every student and teacher. Our Hallo admins check the reports daily and will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

You might get a warning if you hang up the call too soon. If you do it several times, you won’t be able to use Instamatch for a few minutes. 

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