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Live Classes

Attend live classes from hundreds of English teachers and practice speaking English. 

What are the benefits?

Taking live classes is a great way to learn from and practice speaking with qualified teachers. Join the teacher’s classes to practice speaking in groups.

Access to Hop ons

Send hop-on requests to practice speaking with the teacher.

Unlock All Videos

Enjoy all subscriber-only classes and unlock all recordings.

Subscriber Badge

Show support by holding a special balloon in the teacher’s classes.

Class Schedule

Put the teacher’s classes on your calendar so you don’t miss them.

Exclusive Groupchat

Send the teacher direct messages and join the exclusive group chat.

Offline Classes

Download your favorite classes from the teacher and learn offline.

Why sign up for live classes?


Learning English should be fun. Interacting with others and actually using the language are the best way.


Now you don’t have to travel anymore! Attend classes all online and learn from teachers and other students.


Singing up for a teacher’s classes is only $10 USD/mo. We recommend joining 3 of your favorite teachers.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you look for the following in teachers when you are wanting to sign up for live classes:

1) Schedule: Find teachers that have schedules that work best for you based on your timezone. Subscribing to teachers that stream more than twice a week is recommended.

2) Teaching style: Join classes from multiple teachers and see if you like their teaching style. Each teacher has their own style, and you can find teachers that you resonate with the most.

3) English level: Find teachers that are focused on your English level. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you find teachers that teach beginner classes on a regular basis.

There are hundreds of amazing ESL teachers you can choose from on Hallo.

When students sign up for live classes, private lessons, or Hallo courses, their schedules appear on their schedules page where they can keep track of their schedules and also see the button to join their lessons and classes that appears 5 minutes before they start. Everything is presented on their timezone. Hallo sends both students and teachers a push notification 30 minutes in advance just in case they forget. We recommend that teachers and students check their schedules frequently so they don’t miss their lessons or aren’t late.

Live classes are a fun, casual way to learn and practice speaking English with qualified ESL teachers while Hallo courses are a structured, effective way to learn English from certified native English teachers.

Live classes:

Access to hop-ons

Unlock All videos

Subscriber badge

Class Schedule

Exclusive groupchat

Access/download all classes

Hallo courses:

8 1-hour live classes

8 1-hour live classes with teacher

8 1/2 hour group sessions with 1-3 students

Certified native English teacher

Curriculum, homework, quizzes, and activities AI proficiency tests

Constructive feedback from teacher and AI

Access/download all courses

Group chat


If you don’t see your question, please check out our FAQs here or contact us at ashley@hallo.tv.


We are on a mission to empower others to find more opportunities in life through language. Dream big with Hallo.

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