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‘Making the Sale’ Course Curriculum

Making the Sale is a course designed for teachers to give students the knowledge and language for
getting customers to buy your product and for you to deliver that product successfully.

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Curriculum Overview

Do you know someone who could sell a glass of water to a drowning man? Just because you can
describe your product or service well does not mean that you can convince someone to pay for it.
There are many other factors that go into persuading someone to buy. At the end of the day, sales
figures are really what companies rely on to stay afloat. You could have the best product on the
market, but if you can’t sell it then it does not matter. Once you have made the sale, you are really just
getting started. There is also a lot that goes into making sure the client is happy with their purchase
right off the bat. So let’s talk about how to be a closer and have happy customers at the same time.

Eight lessons include outcomes, objectives, background reading, useful language, class prep helps, lesson review, and quiz.

  • Lesson 1: Proposals
  • Lesson 2: Negotiations
  • Lesson 3: Seal the Deal
  • Lesson 4: Mid-course Review
  • Lesson 5: Training
  • Lesson 6: Feedback
  • Lesson 7: Cross-selling
  • Lesson 8: End of Course Review

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