Hallo | Speak English with Natives

Marketing Manager

Full time | Provo, Utah

Start date: ASAP

Pay: $40,000/year and Equity

About the job

Hallo is an online marketplace for language learning that provides students with opportunities to speak and practice in small groups through live video interaction. All team members at Hallo are ambitious and passionate about helping others become fluent and achieve their dreams.

As a Marketing Manager, you will play a critical role in building Hallo’s awareness and online presence, which will help user engagement and revenue in return. The end goals are 1) increasing Hallo’s web and social presence (website + app traffic) 2) revenue: students booking courses and private lessons and 3) product marketing: showing current users how they can achieve their goals on Hallo. 


  • Creating new video content and repurposing content
  • Writing insightful blogs/articles for the community/guest appearances on blogs/podcasts
  • Improve SEO, website performance, and conversion/bounce rate
  • Creating and executing marketing campaigns for paid ads (google ads, FB ads) 
  • Building  and maintaining social media presence  
  • Focusing on particular countries such as Korea and India 
  • Work with freelancers and Hallo admins from different countries
  • Use data to inform product development, marketing strategy and new opportunities 
  • Understand Google analytics and similar platforms. 

*It is not necessary to know all the above, but more importantly an ambitious attitude and ability to learn quickly. We are all learning every day and trying to become the best at Hallo. 


  • 1-2 years of marketing experience
  • BA/BS degree or higher
  • Passion for language learning, marketing, design, and startups
  • Strong leadership skills and a proven ability to work across Marketing and Product
  • Highly motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit and ability to work independently, while also able to build strong internal relationships and build consensus on critical initiatives
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent people and collaboration skills to interact with cross-functional teams and third parties
  • Comfortable with public speaking and strong writing skills
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, managing multiple projects simultaneously while prioritizing time and resources based on business impact

Hallo’s Culture:

  • Live with passion
  • Dream big
  • Lead with Excellence
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Ride together

*IMPORTANT: Check out this article, “Why You Should Join The Hallo Rocketship” before submitting your application to see if you would be a good fit for Hallo.

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Suggested Topics for Products & Technology


  1. Showcasing Incredible Apps to Learn Foreign Languages
  2. Comparing & contrasting different foreign language apps based on functions
  3. How to Become Bilingual: Stories & Best Practices
  4. How to Become Multilingual: Stories & Best Practices
  5. Deciding on a language career outside of the industry
  6. Teaching Free English for Service online
  7. How to experience life abroad – at home
  8. Barriers to integrating technology in the classroom & how to overcome
  9. Free resources for teachers now teaching online due to COVID
  10. Integrating education technology in K-12 schools
  11. Integrating education technology in university & graduate programs
  12. Most Innovative Language Technology and Products when you don’t know the language
  13. Building community on a language learning app (as a business)
  14. Building community on a language learning app (as an influencer/teacher)
  15. How to host an online event (InEvent present)

Suggested Topics for Research


  1. The Pros and Cons of Online Learning
  2. The Pros and Cons of In-Class learning
  3. The relationship between technology and success in the classroom 
  4. How has the language learning industry changed throughout history
  5. Current growth trends in the education technology industry
  6. Current growth trends in the classic institutional education industry
  7. Presentation of 3 top TESOL Student Theses
  8. Discussion: Biggest flaws & opportunities in the language learning industry
  9. Discussion: Ways to improve classic educational system
  10. Comparing language learning programs & outcomes around the world
  11. International wealth & quality of life outcomes based on ESL acquisition
  12. Best careers in the language learning industry based on growth and salary
  13. Discussion: Which language learning educational systems need the most help & how to help
  14. In-Conference Research: Best methods for learning languages. Polling & Discussion
  15. Case study: reshaping policies in the institution to improve learning
  16. Language learning outcomes based on age
  17. Understanding and overcoming misconceptions about the difficulties of language learning
  18. Best curriculums based on short and long-term outcomes

Suggested Topics for Professional Development


  1. Linguistic Major Career Paths – Panel and Q&A
  2. Hallo Teaching Demonstration
  3. Hallo Teaching Practice
  4. Linguistic Major Career Paths – Presented by Professionals in their fields
  5. Linguistic Major Career Paths – Panel and Q&A
  6. Getting certified as an ESL Teacher (how to)
  7. Transitioning careers as a professional in the language learning industry
  8. Improving communication in your University Department
  9. Internship Opportunities & Tips for Finding a Student Internship 
  10. Find Your Students Internships
  11. Incorporating language learning apps into your curriculum
  12. Inside look at the life of Language Interpreters
  13. Inside look at the life of Forensic Linguists
  14. Inside look at the life of ASL Translators
  15. Inside look at the life of Computational linguists in the tech industry
  16. Inside look at the life of Speech Language Pathologists
  17. Inside look at the life of Content Developers
  18. Inside look at the life of International Business Workers
  19. Inside look at the life of Language Professors
  20. Interview Skills & What Interviewers Are Looking For – Panel
  21. Interview Skills & What Interviewers Are Looking For – Demonstrations & Practice
  22. How to Create the Best Resume
  23. Pros and Cons to getting certified online
  24. Developing personal brand (as a teacher, influencer, student, etc.)
  25. Tips for choosing a career
  26. How to transition to online teaching

Summit Agenda

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