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‘Preparing for Your Dream Job’ Course Curriculum

Perparing Yourself for Your Dream Job is a course designed to take students on a journey of self-discovery to help them find the dream for their life and then prepare to achieve it.

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Curriculum Overview

Lesson activities will guide students through finding the careers they are best suited for, culminating in a final presentation on which career they aim for and how they’re going to get there.

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  • Lesson 1: Who Am I? – Reported Speech
  • Lesson 2: Dreaming Big – Wh- Clefts
  • Lesson 3: How to Set Goals – Gerund vs. Infinitive
  • Lesson 4: Staying Motivated – Tag Questions
  • Lesson 5: Strengths and Weaknesses – Noun Clauses
  • Lesson 6: How to Have a Growth Mindset – Reduction of to
  • Lesson 7: Building Good Habits – Degree Expressions
  • Lesson 8: The Career Presentation → Present on Your Chosen Career

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