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Hallo Raises $1.4 Million To Create The Future Of Language Learning

FORBES, July 8, 2020
Benjamin Dent, 30, and Joon Beh, 29, are two entrepreneurs who have built a platform and community called Hallo to democratize English language learning...

Worldwide Launch of Hallo App Excites English Learners

As a Korean immigrant, Joon Beh understands the challenges of learning a new language, the biggest one being lack of opportunities to speak. English learners spend most of their time in textbooks instead of actually speaking...

Hallo & Agora

Hallo powers an innovative social language learning experience with Agora’s real-time video chat. The app officially launched in May 2019 and Hallo has been growing at an explosive rate ever since with tens of millions of minutes of calls each month on the platform...

Hallo Launches Social App for Learning English

In 2017, Joon Beh and his co-founder, Benjamin Dent, founded Hallo - a social app and marketplace for English learning...

20 in their 20's

UTAH BUSINESS, November 11, 2019
After working in Silicon Valley with tech giants like Uber and Amazon within the R&D tax credit, Joon Beh returned to Utah in 2017 to start Hallo, a live-streaming platform for language learning...

Portfolio Company Growth Series: Hallo

REVROAD, June 11, 2020
One of the first steps the development team took was to build an MVP to help Hallo meet their launch deadline of January 1, 2019...

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