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Teach anytime anywhere

With 2M+ students from around the world, you can teach at any time of the day based on your schedule. 

learn how to speak english fluently with out english speaking course. speak english today!

Teach your own style

Bring customized and passion driven lessons on topics you love. Enjoy the flexibility of teaching your way.

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Make a global impact

Learning English is a passport to new opportunities. Help students achieve dreams and build life-long friendships.

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Great Earning Potential

Make $10.20 – $38.00 an hour based on your success, and you’ll have all the tools you need to find success. 

Teach English lessons
that fit your style

1-on1 English classes with a native speaker

1-on-1 lessons

Teach 1-on-1 lessons on demand or through scheduling. 1-on-1 lessons are a great way to provide a personalized learning experience and constructive feedback. 

Live English Classes with a native speaker and other English learners

Group lessons

Teach a group of up to 10 English learners around your favorite topics. Students subscribe to your on-going lessons to participate and speak English in a group setting.

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From the USA, 3 years of experience Teaching English, Learning to speak French. 


Hallo! I am from Canada. I have been teaching ESL for 3 years, and I love it!


As a former actress, I specialize in pronunciation, accents, and confidence. 


I’ve been an ESL teacher for 3 years. I will help YOU build confidence and fluency.

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"Hallo is democratizing language learning."
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Questions? We've got answers

Anyone who wishes to teach English online and become a Hallo teacher goes through a process, and the application process is simple:

1) Review all the teacher requirements and FAQs to make sure you are qualified and passionate about the opportunity

2) If you meet the requirements, install the Hallo app and create an account

3) Create a 2 min short demo lesson/intro video and submit an application through Hallo’s website (​https://hallo.tv/teacher​)

Once you’ve submitted your application and you’re waiting to hear back (up to 5 business days), please take this time to use Hallo and get familiar.

  • 1-on-1 lessons

Earn for every minute you spend teaching. On-demand lessons (InstaClass) can be per minute, and scheduled lessons are generally 30 minutes long. Teachers start with $0.17/min ($10.20/hour) and can go up to $0.20/min ($12.00/hour) with no commission fees, based on how many classes they have taught on Hallo. 

  • Group lessons

Earn up to $38/hour by finding and teaching more subscribers per class. Teachers start with $3.40 per subscriber and can go up to $3.80 per subscriber with no commission fees, based on how many classes they have taught on Hallo. Hallo provides teachers with $0.20/class for each free trial student.

Just like any other platform, it takes some upfront time to build a following and find success. Hallo empowers teachers to build their own businesses while having fun making long lasting friends around the world.

  • 1-on-1 lessons

1-on-1 lessons are private lessons with a student. Teachers can find students through Instaclass, an on-demand lesson or scheduling. With Instaclass, students can send a request for an on-demand class to online, available teachers. If a teacher accepts the request, they start a class in 3 seconds, and the teacher gets paid per minute. 

For scheduled 1-on-1 lessons, teachers teach private lessons for 30 minutes and choose their own schedules, topics, and levels, so they choose their own style and way of teaching to customize the learning experience for their students based on their needs. 1-on-1 lessons are a great way to find loyal customers that book and repeat many classes. The key to success here is to provide a lesson plan and have on-going lessons that help them visualize their progress throughout the journey, not just one time lessons.

  • Group lessons

Group lessons are 1 hour long lessons that recur once a week with up to 10 students. Teachers choose their own schedules, sizes, topics, and levels for their lessons, so they decide their own style and way of teaching to find success and provide the most value to their students. 

Group lessons are a great way to build a following and find paying students at the same time because non-subscribers can also watch and decide whether they want to pay to join and participate if teachers keep their classes public vs. private. Subscribers that are paying students can comment, hop on camera to speak with a teacher, record their classes, join a group chat, and etc.. Often, teachers find subscribers in the middle of class and also convert their group lesson students to 1-on-1 lesson students. 

There’s no minimum hour requirement, but we pride ourselves on quality teachers and classes on Hallo as we desire to work with teachers that are committed and eager to teach our students. 

If you don’t see your question, please check out our FAQs here or contact us at teacher@hallo.tv.

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