About the students

The difference of Hallo Plus and Subscriber

A Hallo Plus user will not see ads. The can save their personal streams, they can bring up to 6 students on as a hop-on in their streams, they can access skips and filter criteria on InstaMatch, they can take the AI Proficiency test as often as they would like, and of course, they get a special gold Hallo badge on the app.

A subscriber can hop on to the teacher’s specific live class that they subscribed to, they can comment, the live class is recorded and on their profile, and they get a special Hallo badge as well. They will also not see ads during that live class. 

My students can’t see my font or the screen cuts off what they are seeing. 

If you have another device (like a phone), we recommend pulling that up so you can see what your students are seeing. Try exiting full screen while you are presenting if the screen is being cut-off. You can also increase the font size.

 Do students get charged if I don’t show up to a live class?

If you do not show up to a live class, the students are refunded for that class only.