Important information on how to schedule and manage classes on Hallo.

Everything you see on your schedule is presented in your timezone but students will see it in their time zone. Your time will automatically adjust wherever you are! 

Scheduling live classes

Students subscribe to live classes for a minimum of 4 weeks with classes twice a week. Technically students can subscribe for months. Please be aware there is currently no end date but you can mention you’ll end the class by a certain date in your class description. When the time nears to end the live class please message management a week before the change. 

Setting up your live class on the web: 

  1. Start on the Hallo home page  
  2. On the left-hand side of the page click ‘view schedule’ 
  3. Click ‘add schedule’ on the bottom-right-hand corner of the page
  4. By default you should be on the ‘live class’ tab, double check
  5. Add a title, description, 2 days, a category and thumbnail
  6. Make sure to choose a start date and the time of the classes

Scheduling 1-on-1 classes

Schedule 1-on-1 classes on the web: 

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Select the schedule icon next to your profile image (top-right-hand corner).
  3. Click blue “add schedule” (bottom right-hand corner).
  4. Select 1-on-1 class
  5. Select date.
  6. Chose a start time and end time.
  7. Decide if you want to have that schedule to repeat.

Getting booked

Students can book available 1-on-1 classes as far out in advance as available and as close to 6 hours before the start time.

1-on-1 classes:  When a student books a 1-on-1 class with you the time is blocked our on your schedule in yellow with the student’s picture.

A private chat is also created so you can communicate with your student.

If a student booked two or more lessons back to back, they are automatically combined into one lesson. 

Live classes: Students can subscribe to your live class in advance or during the class. A list of the students will appear on the discover page. Simply search for your class, click it and see all the students subscribed. From your calendar you can see the number of students subscribed.

You’ll be notified when a student subscribes and they will automatically be added to a group chat.

Live classes will appear as red blocked out times on your schedule.

How do I start my live class or 1-on-1 class?

Teachers should always teach from a computer so they can share their screen. On rare occasion or if necessary teachers can teach from their phone.

On the homepage below your profile image and Hallo wallet you’ll find your schedule list. You’ll notice 10 minutes before class there is a blue start button. 

You can also start your classes from your profile page or your calendar.

What happens if I’m late for my class?

If a teacher is five minutes late, the student is refunded and the teacher is not paid. Any time after 5 minutes is considered a no-show and the teacher will receive an automatic 1-star review.

If student is late but the teacher was on time the teacher is paid in full. Teachers are required to stay for 1/2 of the class duration.

If you are going to be a couple minutes late to your class please communicate this with your student through messaging and if necessary you can call them.

If the class drops because of technical difficulties, you will still be paid as long as you joined in those first 5 minutes. Quickly rejoin the class and continue teaching.

 How can I edit or delete a class?

Teachers can edit or delete classes on the web or on mobile. 

Delete on the web: select the class on your calendar and click the trashcan icon. 

Edit on the web: select the class on your calendar and click the pencil icon. You are able to edit the thumbnail, description and title. 

Delete on mobile: select the class from your profile page by clicking and holding. You will be given an option to cancel the next class or delete all remaining classes. 

Edit on the mobile: select the class from your profile page by clicking and holding. Choose edit the class and choose to update the thumbnail, description and title.

Can I cancel my lesson?

Yes teachers can cancel their classes. If classes are not booked you can easily delete them from your schedule. 

Teachers can cancel classes with students 24 hours in advance. 

Students can cancel 24 hours in advance and get a 100% refund. If they cancel within 24 hours they will get a 50% refund.

Students and teachers cannot cancel a class within 1 hour of that class.

We recommend communicating with your students, if there is a conflict and you’re unable to attend. There is a chat that is automatically created once the class is scheduled. 

Can students request classes?

If a student would like to request a time, teachers will be notified and allowed to accept or decline the class. Requests can be within minutes of start time. If a teacher misses or does not respond to the request, the class is automatically declined.

How do ratings work?

At the end of each class including no shows and late classes, students and teachers can leave a review for one another.

Hallo uses a Bayesian Average to determine a teacher’s rating. It is a weighted average that is often used on sites where individual people receive ratings from others. When there are only a few data points, the Bayesian Average discounts the basic average, relative to the average of all the teachers on Hallo.

As the teacher receives more ratings, there is more confidence that the teacher’s basic average is accurate. Over time, as the teacher earns ratings, the Bayesian Average converges with the teacher’s basic average.

If the student does not leave a rating for the lesson, the rating for the lesson will be 5 stars by default.