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‘Building a Customer Base’ Course Curriculum

Building a Customer Base is part 01 of the Customer Journey course series is designed to teach students the language and skills they need to ensure they find the right customers, deliver the service they need, and gain their loyalty.

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Curriculum Overview

Learn about the processes of building a customer journey map, a client profile, and conducting market research. Also learn the language you will need to make a great first impression and communicate the benefits of your service. This course is for anyone looking to improve their language skills and become better at providing high quality customer service.

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  • Lesson 1: Journey Mapping
  • Lesson 2: Customer Profiles
  • Lesson 3: Competitor Analysis
  • Lesson 4: Mid-course Review
  • Lesson 5: New Customers
  • Lesson 6: Elevator Pitches
  • Lesson 7: Following Up
  • Lesson 8: Final Review

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