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For students to be able to use premium services, they need to add sufficient funds first. Once they have enough cash, students can proceed and enjoy all these amazing services: 

Live classes: Sign up for live classes within live classes or on teachers’ profile page. Students can attend teachers’ classes and see their schedules before they sign up. 

Private lessons: Go to teachers’ profile page to book private lessons. Students can find teachers through live classes or the search page by using the filter feature. 

Hallo courses: Sign up for courses on teachers’ profile. Students can use the filter on the search page to find course teachers whose schedule makes sense to you the most.

When students sign up for live classes, private lessons, or Hallo courses, their schedules appear on their schedules page where they can keep track of their schedules and also see the button to join their lessons and classes that appears 5 minutes before they start. Everything is presented on their timezone.

Hallo sends both students and teachers a push notification 30 minutes in advance just in case they forget. We recommend that teachers and students check their schedules frequently so they don’t miss their lessons or aren’t late.