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Intensive Classes

Before Signing Up

Hallo Courses provide you with live Interactive English classes with a certified ESL teacher and a group of 3-5 students around curriculums you are interested in. Our classes are designed to help you become fluent, prepare for your future, and achieve your dreams. 

8 Live Classes: Attend a 1-hour class twice a week with an ESL teacher and a group of only 3-5 hop-on students.

Full Duration Hop-on: Join classes on camera the whole time to participate and improve your speaking with the teacher.

8 Group Sessions: Join activities and practice with other course students for 1 hour after each class.

Various Curriculums: Learn based on your level and interest with our CEFR curriculum designed by top English curriculum experts.

Homework and Quizzes: Improve and assess your English even outside of your classroom with homework and quizzes.

HD Classes and Recordings: Enjoy high resolution videos and watch recorded lessons even after your live classes are over.

Exclusive Group Chat: Communicate with the teacher and classmates in a group chat to share what you are learning.

AI proficiency test: Take a full AI proficiency test at the end of the course and assess your speaking skills.

English Certificate: Receive a certificate with a proficiency score aligned to IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC.

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Sign up for a course today and take one step closer to your dreams!

Hallo is the best place to become fluent in English and dream big. 

Everything we focus on is speaking. At Hallo, our students get to have 4 times more speaking practice than any other platform through our live classes and group sessions. English learners don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking in schools or English academies. There are 1.5 billion English learners throughout the world looking for opportunities to speak, and Hallo fills that huge need.

1. Cohort-based learning: Students that take live English classes with us actually attend and complete their classes. Cohort-based courses have a 96% completion rate compared to just 3 to 6 percent of open online courses according to a recent study by researchers at MIT. Our forced scarcity of fixed start and end dates adds a sense of urgency and focus. We offer certified English teachers, active participation in conversations, applied learning exercises, and group sessions. Hallo courses are bi-directional (as opposed to one-way), meaning there’s an exchange of knowledge between the teacher and the students, as well as between students and their classmates. It’s a conversation, not a static lecture.

2. Community-driven platform: Live English classes center around a small group of 3-5 students, and this model works to challenge students, motivate them, and lead to an overall emphasis on community and the student experience. Our live classes are engaging and real-time, not just self-paced, and involve community-driven, active learning, as opposed to solo, passive content consumption. On our platform, over 1M English learners also practice and interact with each other. By focusing on group learning, students can build confidence, overcome their fear of speaking and become fluent, while learning how to communicate with others and advance their career opportunities.

3. Top teachers and curriculums: Our certified native-speaking teachers cover the essential skills of language learning and help you learn and progress in a fun, friendly environment. We believe that our teachers are the face of Hallo, and we accept only quality teachers that are dedicated to providing the best learning experience. Along with our teachers, we provide our students with a variety of curriculums so that they can learn English via topics that they are interested in, from “How to land your dream job” to “Communicate fluently in a corporate environment”.

4. Affordable and effective lessons: At Hallo, learning English is fun, 40% more affordable, and effective, all in real-time because we focus on group learning and real-life topics so that students are learning not only English but also practical, useful topics that can help them advance their careers in life. Through our classes, English learners actually become fluent and achieve their goals. Some of our students have become doctors, started business, and gotten jobs as software engineers in the United States.

We are on a mission to empower others to find more opportunities in life through language. Dream big with Hallo.

We help you in every step of your way to fluency and dreams.

Step 1. Take a 3 min placement test: Use our quick placement test to find the right level for your course just in a few minutes.

Step 2. Choose a curriculum and a date: Filter courses by topic and date to pick a curriculum of your interest and find a time that fits your schedule.

Step 3. Select a teacher and a course: Choose a certified ESL teacher and a course that matches your needs and interests. 

Step 4. Be a Dreamer vs. an Aspirer: Choose to be a Dreamer or an Aspirer, depending on how quickly you’d like to achieve your dreams.

Step 5. Purchase Cash and sign up: Buy and use Cash to complete your sign-up. Congrats! You are one step closer to fluency and your dreams.

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For every friend who successfully signs up as a dreamer for the same course, you will earn 10% Hallo cash back, and your friend will get 10% back, too!

Plus, it’s more fun to learn and practice with friends! You will get the 10% cash back after the course has started.

Cancel 1 day in advance and get a 100% refund. No refunds afterwards. If there are fewer than 2 students (at least 1 dreamer student) enrolled 24 hours before the first class, it will be rescheduled for the following week. If there are still not enough students before the rescheduled date, the classes will be cancelled automatically and you will receive a 100% refund.

Great news is that we promise a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your improvements in speaking. We promise a full refund if you meet the following two criteria: 1) attend all 8 live classes and 8 group sessions and 2) English hasn’t improved objectively based on our AI Test.

On Hallo, students that take Hallo Courses with us actually attend and complete their classes. Cohort-based courses have a 96% completion rate compared to just 3 to 6 percent of open online courses according to a recent study by researchers at MIT. Our forced scarcity of fixed start and end dates adds a sense of urgency and focus.

After Signing Up

Prior to class
– Review the materials to come prepared to class with questions
– Use the web app to enjoy the best learning experience
– Make sure to have a high speed internet connection
– Check camera and microphone before class
During class
– Join classes on time or 5-10 min before they starts
– Turn on camera to fully engage and interact
– Speak often and participate as much as possible
– Aks questions and ask for feedback 
After class
– Attend the group session after each live class
– Participate in activities and go over questions together
– Prepare for the next live class and group session
– Review recorded lessons on your profile page to revisit
You can join your classes and group sessions from your schedules page on both mobile and web. 10 minutes before they start, the “Join” button will turn green, and you can click on the button to join the class or session if it’s already started. 
If you are a Dreamer or if it’s your time to join the class on camera as an Aspirer, the platform will ask you to accept to join on camera as soon as you join the class. We recommend that students check their camera, microphone, and internet speed in advance so the class can start and finish on time.
Group sessions are where students apply what they learn outside of class and practice speaking with other classmates for 1 hour right after each live class. In the course materials, students can find homework, quizzes, or activities to do during the sessions so students can find more time to practice and speak English with other classmates even outside of class. 
Once you are signed up as a Dreamer for a course, you can access your course materials for both live classes and group sessions from your schedules page on both mobile and web. If you want to download the materials, you need to access them from the web app.
Although you can access everything from mobile, we highly recommend that you use your laptop or computer to fully enjoy the experience. Using the web app makes it easier and more pleasant to engage with the teacher and read materials in class.