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Ongoing Classes

Before Signing Up

  • Ongoing classes are an amazing hybrid subscription model where students choose their favorite topics and teachers with guaranteed set classes twice a week for 4 weeks. That’s 8 classes!
  • These classes have no minimum of students but maximum of 35 students for a minimum base rate of $10. 
  • Students can expect to have 1-hour themed classes provided by the teacher. All enrolled students are able to hop on with video and talk with their teacher and classmates. 
  • Everyone enrolled has the ability to participate in the class chat and/or in the out of class group chat. 
  • Non-enrolled students can view ongoing classes but are unable to comment or hop on with video. 
  • Students can enroll at any point and receive hop-on access for the next 8 classes.

At Hallo, our students get to have 4 times more speaking practice than any other platform especially through our ongoing classes!

Here are some of the benefits: 

  1. Group/Cohort-based learning: Students that take ongoing classes with Hallo actually attend and complete their classes because of friendships and encouragement from other students. Studies show Cohort-based courses or group classes have a 96% completion rate compared to the 3 to 6 percent of ‘open online courses.’ Ongoing class schedules guarantee students days and times. Our certified English teachers actively engage students to participate in conversation and encourage learning exercises that get students talking with them and other classmates. This is bi-directional (as opposed to one-way) learning, meaning there’s an exchange of knowledge between the teacher and the students, as well as between students and their classmates. It’s a conversation, not a static lecture.


  1. Affordable and effective: At Hallo, learning English is fun, 40% more affordable, and effective, all in real-time because we focus on group learning and real-life topics so that students are learning not only English but also practical, useful topics that can help them advance their opportunities in life. Through our classes, English learners actually become fluent and achieve their goals. Some of our students have become doctors, started businesses, and gotten jobs as software engineers in the United States. Hallo has changed their lives!.


  1. Top teachers and class materials: Our certified native-speaking teachers cover the essential skills of language learning and help you learn and progress in a fun, friendly environment. We believe that our teachers are the face of Hallo, and we accept only quality teachers that are dedicated to providing the best learning experience. Along with our teachers’ materials, we provide a variety of curriculums so that students can learn English via topics that they are interested in, from “How to land your dream job” to “Communicate fluently in a corporate environment.”

Make sure to purchase Hallo cash and sign up (link coming soon)

  1. Filter by topic, day and time: a teacher that meets those filters will appear.  


  1. Select a certified ESL teacher: view their profile and schedule to see what classes are available. 

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Cancel 1 day in advance and get a 100% refund. No refunds afterwards. 

Great news is that we promise a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your progress  in speaking. We promise a full refund if you meet the following criteria: 1) attend all 8 ongoing classes 2) fluency hasn’t improved objectively based on our AI Test.

Hallo students that take ongoing classes rarely cancel. Majority of students attend and complete their classes. Cohort-based and group classes have a 96% completion rate compared to just 3 to 6 percent of open online courses according to a recent study by researchers at MIT. This stands true here at Hallo!

After Signing Up

Prior to class
  • Message your teacher and classmates in the chat.
  • Use the web app to enjoy the best learning experience
  • Make sure to have a high speed internet connection.
  • Check camera and microphone before class
During class
  • Join classes on time or 5-10 min before they starts
  • Turn on camera to fully engage and interact
  • Speak often and participate as much as possible
  •  Ask questions and ask for feedback 
After class
  • Take advantage of  the group chat to ask questions
  • Review recorded lessons on your profile page.
  • Schedule a private lesson with your teacher for additional support 
  • Host your own livestream with your classates to further the discussion. 

You can join your ongoing classes from your schedules page on both mobile and web. 10 minutes before class starts, the “Join” button will turn green, and you can click on the button to join the class if it’s already started.

Although you can access everything from mobile, we highly recommend that you use your laptop or computer to fully enjoy the experience. Using the web app makes it easier and more pleasant to engage with the teacher and read materials in class. 
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