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Why become a Hallo Internship Partner?

With all of the online transition everyone is experiencing, we are partnered with other top TESOL and Linguistic programs in the nation to provide students with paid online internships for free. With more than 1,000,000 English learners on our platform from all around the world, now your students can teach hundreds of English learners concurrently and get hands-on teaching experience without having to teach in a traditional classroom or live in a foreign country.

The Future of Language Learning

What do students get out of the internship?

Receive Credit from School

Get 1-3 credits from school through the internship program and get instant feedback from English learners from all around the world.

Get hands-on Teaching Experience

Practice teaching hundreds of students at the same time online and watch recorded classes and other teachers' classes to improve.

Make Money and make a difference

Earn a side income while getting hands-on experience and empower others to find more opportunities in life through language.

Learn From Other Teachers

Build relationships with and learn from hundreds of other successful teachers. As a teacher, you get access to tens of thousands of their lessons.


English Learners on Hallo


Countries Learning Through Hallo


Minutes of Weekly Watch Time

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Why work with us?

Vibrant Community

Our dedicated English learners are 18-30 years old students from all around the world.

Proven Technology

Our technology allows teachers to teach hundreds of English learners all at the same time in their class.

Everything Online

Language learning is rapidly moving online, and now teachers can teach anytime, anywhere.

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