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Getting started

  •  U.S., Canada and UK citizen (preferred) or native English speaker or high bilingual fluency
  • 1-2 years of teaching experience (preferred) 
  • Desktop or laptop with a reliable and fast Internet connection of ≥ 25 Mb/s
  • A commitment to professionalism and kindness towards students and teachers
  • Access to PayPal or direct deposit (must)

Teachers, be social! Make some noise in the Hallo community. Don’t wait around, be proactive. Find your niche and build your brand here on Hallo.

Our students are very social and want to engage and build relationships of trust with their teachers.

  1. Teachers should be active and consistent with Live Classes to build a stronger community of followers. 
  2. Teachers need to have classes on their schedule.
  3. Teachers should be friendly, accepting, fun, engaging, sincere, passionate and dedicated.   
  4. Teachers should be aware that getting subscribers will come with engagement. 
  • Have an up-to-date teacher bio, profile picture, intro video, resume, expertise and level preference (see example here)
  • Teach, on the minimum, once a month
  • Create quality and professional thumbnails for group lessons (see example here)
  • Come dressed for success, covered shoulders and modest clean dress (helpful tips here)
  • Be present in class with your camera on and share your screen with materials
  • Avoid copyright and trademark-protected resources and materials
  • Have 1-on-1 lessons and group lessons listed on your schedule
  • Keep students on Hallo – do not teach Hallo students on other platforms or independently
  • Be professional and kind with Hallo management, fellow teachers, and students
  • Have the correct payment information and qualifications
  • Due to a high volume of applicants please be prepared to wait 7 – 10 days for a response
  • If you haven’t heard back after 1 week, unfortunately that means we are not ready to work together yet.

Congratulations! Our team has reviewed your application and would love to accept you as a Hallo teacher. We think that you would provide excellent value to our community and gain tremendous value as well.

To get onboarded, please complete these steps within 1 week of receiving this email:

Once these are completed, we will send you a welcome email with our next steps for you to start teaching on Hallo.

  • Go back and review the requirements. You may have missed submitting your demo video or misunderstood the instructions.
  • We may not be hiring new teachers at this time, please email us: teacher@hallo.tv

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