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To pay our teachers at Hallo, we use a state-of-the-art semi-automatic payment system. This system collects and securely stores important tax documentation that helps ensure all of our teachers are eligible to work and aids those teachers who need to pay taxes. 

In addition, we use this system because it is one of the simplest, most efficient, and safest ways to cash out our teachers—especially when we are working with contracted teachers from around the world. 

We require that all international Hallo teachers who are working outside of the U.S. use their personal PayPal accounts to cash out. Teachers in the U.S. can use their personal PayPal accounts or a direct deposit to their bank accounts in order to cash out.

Cash out infographic

First, to set up your secure payment account you will need to login to the Hallo web app with your Hallo account once you have been granted teacher status. 

Then you’ll navigate to settings and click on “Cash Out”. With this version of the web app, you will need to click on your profile picture, click on settings, and click on “Cash Out”. In order to cash out, you will need to have at least $100 you have earned in your Hallo wallet. 

The first time you cash out or when your payment or personal information changes, you will need to fill out or edit your information by clicking on the “Edit Info” button.

You will need to complete 4 main sections to successfully create your secure payment account on Hallo. These sections include entering or filling out:

  1. Your Legal Name and Address
  2. The Method with which you would like to be Paid 
  3. The appropriate tax form
  4. A final submission that will finalize your account

Once you have completed all of these steps, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Cash Out” button to submit a payment request.

If teachers are struggling to create their Hallo payment account, they may reach out to the Hallo team for personal assistance. We wish to help every teacher that needs additional help to create their account.

However, teachers that are ineligible for creating a complete and accurate payment account based on their lack of eligibility to work, past criminal or fraudulent charges, or lack of legal access to PayPal in their country, Hallo will have the right to remove their teacher status.

If you are receiving a message that your PayPal account is not being accepted, first check to make sure all of your information that you have input on the Hallo website to create your payment account matches the information listed in your PayPal account exactly. Your name, country of residence, and address also need to match. If all the information matches and you still are receiving an error message, you may still need to verify your PayPal account or bank account that is connected to your PayPal account in order for your PayPal account to be verified and eligible for use.

Teachers must create a payment account within a reasonable time after being onboarded as a teacher for their teacher status not to be revoked.

Once you have successfully created a payment account, you can click on “Cash Out” under settings to submit a payment request. On this page you will see the total amount of money in your Hallo wallet and you will be prompted to enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw. 

Once you have submitted an appropriate amount, at least $100 and no more than the amount in your account, you should be able to click on the “Submit” button, the money you requested to be paid will be taken from your account, and your payment request will be sent. 

Payment requests are typically processed weekly on Friday mornings, but may be processed more often. Direct deposits to PayPal accounts typically will be quickly delivered (within a few hours time) whereas ACH payments or direct deposits into U.S. bank accounts for U.S. residents may take 1-3 business days.

If at any point your teacher account changes back to a student’s account, you will still have your money in your Hallo wallet, but you will no longer be able to cash out. Depending on the reason your teacher status was revoked, if you have at least $100 in your account, the Hallo team may be able to temporarily restore your teacher status long enough for you to submit a payment request before once again, returning your account to a student’s. 

If you finish teaching on Hallo when you have less than $100 in your account, because of the system we are using, we will unfortunately be unable to cash out you without exception. At that point you may spend the money you have earned on any in-app purchases or you can let the money sit in your account if you think you might be able to become a teacher again. Please keep these policies in mind as you make decisions to take breaks from teaching on Hallo

For all U.S. payments whether ACH (bank) or PayPal direct deposits, the transaction fee is $1 per transfer no matter the amount cashed out.

For international PayPal transactions, the fee is slightly higher and based on the total amount a teacher is requesting be paid. The transaction fee will be shown whenever you are ready to cash out so you will know the exact fee before you cash out.

With this in mind, it may be in the best interest of Hallo teachers to cash out less frequently if they wish to avoid paying more transaction fees. However, teachers are free to cash out as frequently as every week if they would like.

*Transaction fees are subject to change.

Teachers will receive 75% commission for private lessons and 60% for courses. The minimum teachers can earn for private lessons is $10.88/hr with no maximum limit. The minimum teachers can earn for teaching courses is $12/hr up to a maximum of $60/hr. 

Teachers can find their transaction history in their wallet. In the wallet page, teachers can click on the arrow icon within the wallet box and go to their transaction history where they can find all the details of their transactions.

Private Lessons: Teachers still get paid even if their students don’t show up for their private lessons. 

Hallo Courses: Teachers still get paid even if their students don’t show up for their classes. However, if a teacher doesn’t show up for a class, students will get a refund for that particular class, and the teacher won’t get paid.

Hallo keeps teachers’ information confidential and secure by storing it in the secure payment platform Tipalti. Only those with the highest level of security access can view teachers’ accounts and accept payment requests.

Furthermore, every time a teacher cashes out, the system automatically checks their name and information against an international database for those who have been flagged for stealing, money laundering, and other major crimes to help keep our community safe and prevent fraudulent transactions from teachers.

If you have successfully created a payment account and you have $100+ in your Hallo wallet, you should be able to cash out and the “submit” button should be clickable and not grayed out. If you aren’t sure your payment account was successfully created, you can reach out to our team to double check on Tipalti’s database. 

If that’s not the issue and you do have an account, try reducing the amount you want to cash out by $0.01 less than what is listed in your account. This will often fix the problem. We recommend trying this first before reaching out to the team.

Tip: When submitting a payment request only press the “submit” button once, and be patient while it loads.

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