Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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About Hallo

Our mission is to make language learning fun, affordable, and effective. Hallo provides the greatest opportunity for students to speak with passionate teachers and other students all around the world in real-time. 

Our Hallo community has 1M+ English learners who interact with teachers and other students from around the world. Our unique free live streams and speaking clubs provide students and teachers a lot of opportunities to socialize. Our student community benefits tremendously with ongoing classes, one-time group classes, one-on-one classes and intensive classes provided by our certified teachers. Students are able to build self-confidence, overcome their fear of speaking, and become fluent while advancing their opportunities in life.

There are over 1.5 billion English learners throughout the world. The global English learning market is $34 billion, and it’s projected to be $55 billion by the end of 2024.

Hallo Teachers can get involved with…

  • Ongoing classes
  • One-time group classes
  • One-on-one classes
  • Intensive classes

Live streams and speaking clubs are optional for teachers–they do not have structured earning potential but students can tip. These options are great for promoting and building a strong community of followers.

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