Hallo: Live English Classes and Speaking Clubs

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Speaking Clubs

Speaking clubs empowers users to build micro communities around topics they are interested in and get connected with others that share similar interests. In addition, through speaking clubs, users can schedule their streams and send push notifications.

Users can choose themes like work, school, fields, countries, life skills, English, and entertainment so they can not only practice speaking English but also discuss topics that could help them advance their careers.

Users can navigate the app to find and join speaking clubs that interest them. There are 8 particular themes you can choose from, and each theme has its own sub-categories, which makes it easy for users to find clubs they are looking for based on the theme.

You can go to your profile page or the speaking clubs page to create your own club. We recommend that you choose wisely a photo, a title, and a description that explains your club clearly. 

For your own club, you can also set up a schedule so the member of your club can get a notification and schedule to participate in your club.

When it’s time for you to stream, the “Join” button on your schedules page turns green, and you can start your speaking club to practice English and talk about the topic with other members of the club.

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